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  1. In 1814, “La Placita” was the very first Roman Catholic Church built in Los Angeles. The first Church in Alta California was made up of 21 missions, three pueblos, four presidios and multiple asistencias. There was a plan behind the use of each. We can trace these foundations (in a more or less north to south order) along El Camino Real.

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    To understand Roman Catholic Church history, you need to go back to the very beginning of this incredible movement. Catholicism may be one of the world’s most-practiced religions today, but things looked different in times past. Catholicism started as a grassroots movement of brave individuals striving to love their neighbors as themselves as Jesus...

    Early Christianity continued to grow its roots throughout the world as the church fathers shared their teachings far and wide. But at this point in history, Catholicism had yet to separate itself from other forms of Christianity. Two truths needed to occur to mark the start of Roman Catholicism. These events are the following: 1. The primacy of Sai...

    While some internal decisions and councils set forth Catholic teachings and principles that would last for generations, many external events contributed to the Catholic Church’s gradual changing. Here are some events that helped shape Catholicism into a dominant world religion and spiritual authority:

    As you can see from the history of the Catholic Church, a lot has changed since its humble beginnings. What started as one man — Jesus Christ — and his Twelve Disciples has grown into one of the leading religions in the world. Statistics from the Pew Research Center reveal that nearly 1/3 of the world’s populationpractices some form of Christianity...

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  3. The Fourth Crusade, and the sacking of Constantinople by renegade crusaders proved the final breach. Prior to and during the 16th century, the Church engaged in a process of reform and renewal. Reform during the 16th century is known as the Counter-Reformation. [6]

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    Most of the apostolic churches that we know anything about were founded in the eastern half of the Roman empire. The green sections on that map—Asia, Macedonia, Achaia, Cilicia, and Syria—contain Corinth, Ephesus, Philippi, Colossae, and Thessalonica. You can see the Galatian churches are right next to Asia. Even the additional churches which recei...

    For the early churches, the apostles were the final authority on everything: Therefore, when some dispute arose among churches, they were quick to seek out churches founded by an apostle, in case the apostle had left some instruction on the matter under dispute.

    Although the pattern in Scripture is leadership by a group of elders, by the mid-second century all churches had one elder who was the bishop (lit. overseer or supervisor). Because of the importance of the apostolic churches, the bishops of those churches became very respected and sought out. Unfortunately, except Antioch, which managed to maintain...

    So how did Rome's authority eventually expand to the whole world? Well, the truth is, it never has. The east has never recognized the authority of the Roman bishop (the Pope). In the west, however, it was simply inevitable. Surprisingly enough, the rise of the Roman Catholic church depended on the fall of Rome. In the 5th century, the city of Rome ...

    Gregory's authority, and that of later popes to this day, was only in the west. The churches of the eastern and continuing Roman empire were never under the authority of Rome.
    We have only covered the churches of the Roman empire because we have more of their history. Tradition holds that Thomas went all the way to India to establish churches, and those churches had no i...
  4. Aug 14, 2021 · The Church and Colonization. By LACW Admin in Community News. Mission San Gabriel under construction from fire. As the Los Angeles Archdiocese begins a Jubilee Year to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Mission San Gabriel Arcángel founding, we at the Los Angeles Catholic Worker believe it is simply not possible to move “Forward in Mission” as a Church without collectively engaging all the facets of our Mission’s history and legacy.

  5. When did the church start in Rome? It is very clear that Christians established the first church in Rome by the year AD 50. In the year AD 63, Paul made his first trip to the mature church. The origins of the Roman Catholic Church may be traced all the way back to the first Christian church that was established in Rome.

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