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  1. A six-month permit (January to June or July to December) is $60. Hang it from your rear view mirror and leave the coins at home. No need to interact with a meter. This permit is transferable to another car. Purchase a 10-hour meter parking permit at Borough Hall or online at this link Connect Residential Parking Permit

  2. 10 Hour Permit Purchase a $60 six-month permit online or at Borough Hall (equivalent to parking at a cost of $.33/day). Hang it from your rear view mirror. No coins needed for the meter. Permit is transferable to another car. Or 10 Hour Meters $0.50/hr – accepts quarters only. Pay & Display Lot

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  4. Six month parking permits will be available for sale starting today, Monday, December 21. These permits allow for unlimited parking at the Borough’s 10 Hour, Yellow Banded parking meters at a cost of...

  5. The RESIDENTIAL PARKING PERMIT program has been in effect for over 40 years. It was initiated in an effort to provide relief for residents whose neighborhoods are impacted by certain public facilities, land uses and adjacent commercial districts. This program was enacted into law in Section 31-48 of the County Code .

  6. BUY PARKING PERMITS Buy PCS Monthly, AM/PM, Carpool or Daily Permit Buy Online Easy & Convenient In Person At the Parking Sales Store Mail-In Processing Mail in the application Mail-In Processing Fill in the required month. Make any address change as needed. Renewal forms will indicate the facility where you usually park.

  7. Doylestown Township was founded in 1818 after the inhabitants of Doylestown and its vicinity petitioned the Judges of the Court of Quarter Sessions for the establishment of the Township of Doylestown. According to the US Census Bureau, there are 17,680 people residing in Doylestown Township.