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  1. use. verb (juːz) (tr) to put into service or action; employ for a given purpose to use a spoon to stir with. to make a practice or habit of employing; exercise he uses his brain. noun (juːs) the act of using or the state of being used the carpet wore out through constant use. the ability, right, or permission to use.

  2. A2 [ U ] the act of using something, or a period of time when something is being used or can be used: You should be able to put your experience in electronics to (good) use in your new job. Don't touch the machine when it's in use. a flat-screen TV that becomes a mirror when it is not in use.

  3. The verb use is a general word: to use a telephone; to use a saw and other tools; to use one’s eyes; to use eggs in cooking. As applied to persons, use implies some selfish or sinister purpose: to use another to advance oneself. What is used often has depreciated or been diminished, sometimes completely consumed: a used automobile; All the butter has been used.

  4. “Use” is a verb, and we use it to show that someone or something can “use” an item. It is sometimes correct as a noun (replacing “usage”), but this is only true colloquially. It’s best to try and avoid using “use” and “usage” synonymously in your writing. You need to make sure you’re able to make the difference clear formally.

  5. › article › how-to-use-chatgptHow to use ChatGPT | ZDNET

    Jan 23, 2023 · Yes, ChatGPT is free to use -- for now. Since the natural language processing model is still in its "learning" phase, people can use ChatGPT for free. All you need is a free OpenAI account.

  6. The way we say the word will determine whether or not we use a or an. If the word begins with a vowel sound, you must use an. If it begins with a consonant sound, you must use a. For example, the word hour begins with the consonant h. But the h is silent, so the word has a vowel sound. Hence: an hour. The rule works the other way as well. Take the word university.

  7. Dec 29, 2022 · USE is executed at both compile and execution time and takes effect immediately. Therefore, statements that appear in a batch after the USE statement are executed in the specified database. Permissions. Requires CONNECT permission on the target database. Examples. The following example changes the database context to the AdventureWorks2012 database.

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