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  1. Euro Symbol Before the Number You should place the euro symbol before the number when you are writing in conventional English. It’s common to see it used in this way because most major currencies are also written with the sign first. You can use “€30” when you want to show thirty euros, for example.

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    In English, the sign immediately precedes the value (for instance, €10); in most other European languages, it follows the value, usually but not always with an intervening space (for instance, 10 €, 10€). Contents 1 Design 2 Use on computers and mobile phones 2.1 History of implementation 2.2 Entry methods 3 Typewriters 4 Use 5 See also 6 Notes

    • .mw-parser-output .monospaced{font-family:monospace,monospace}U+20AC € EURO SIGN (€)
    • U+20A0 ₠ EURO-CURRENCY SIGN (predecessor).
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  4. Jun 05, 2022 · To type the euro symbol in Microsoft Word, use the shortcut keys Ctrl + Alt + E. Hold down both Ctrl and Alt keys and then press E to insert the symbol. You can also type all three keys at the same time. If this keyboard shortcut doesn’t work, another application might be interfering with it.

  5. Answer (1 of 11): Thanks for the A2A. That depends on the typographic conventions of the language you are writing in. In English, it goes before the amount with no space: €300. In Swedish, for instance, it goes after the amount with a space, while a three-letter currency code goes before the amo... Thanks for the A2A.

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    • Using Windows Open the text you want to type the Euro (€) symbol. You can type a Euro symbol in any text editor, document, message, note or any other text field.
    • Using Mac Open the document you want to type the Euro (€) symbol. You can type the Euro symbol in any app, document, message, note or any other text field.
    • Using a Phone or Tablet Open the text field you want to type the Euro (€) symbol. You can type this symbol using the special character layout of your mobile keyboard in any text app, document, message, note or text box.
  6. The following example shows the hexadecimal value X'9F' used as the currency sign: Currency Sign X'9F' with Picture Symbol 'U'. . . . 01 Deposit-Amount Pic UUUUU9.99. If there is no corresponding character for the euro sign on your keyboard, you need to specify it as a hexadecimal value in the CURRENCY SIGN clause.

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