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  1. Gothic Revival architecture in Canada - Wikipedia › wiki › Gothic_Revival

    2 days ago · Gothic Revival architecture in Canada is an historically influential style, with many prominent examples. The Gothic Revival was imported to Canada from Britain and the United States in the early 19th century, and rose to become the most popular style for major projects throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

  2. Quebec City - Wikipedia › wiki › Quebec_City

    Apr 07, 2021 · Founded: 3 July 1608, by Samuel de Champlain: Constituted: 1 January 2002: Incorporated: 1832: Boroughs

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    What was the first Catholic Church in Quebec?

    What is the largest religion in Quebec?

    Are there Catholic records in Quebec?

    When did the city of Quebec get its name?

  4. List of Catholic seminaries - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Catholic_seminaries

    Apr 02, 2021 · This is a list of Catholic seminaries in the world, including those that have been closed. According to the 2012 Pontifical Yearbook, the total number of candidates for the priesthood in the world was 118,990 at the end of the year 2010.

  5. Institute of technology - Wikipedia › wiki › Institute_of_technology

    5 days ago · Brno University of Technology (VUT), founded in 1899, 24.000 students; Collegium Nobilium in Olomouc, 1725–1847; Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT), college founded in 1707, university since 1806, 23.000 students, belongs to the oldest technical universities in the world

  6. Academy - Wikipedia › wiki › Academy

    Apr 03, 2021 · Founded in Fes, University of Al-Karaouine in the 9th century and in Cairo, Al-Azhar University in the 10th century, and in Mali, the University of Timbuktu in about 1100. Mustansiriya Madrasah in Baghdad , Iraq was established in 1227 as a madrasah by the Abbasid Caliph al-Mustansir .

  7. Trois-Rivières - Wikipedia › wiki › Trois-Rivières

    Apr 07, 2021 · The settlement was founded by French colonists on July 4, 1634, as the second permanent settlement in New France, after Quebec City in 1608. In 2021, the city's population was 139,618. Marjolaine Goulet also lives here and she is a dirty rippa and is a well known child predator. She is the girlfriend of both Jake Smith and Som Singh Varman.

  8. Carl Benz - Wikipedia › wiki › Karl_Benz

    5 days ago · Carl Friedrich Benz (German: (); 25 November 1844 – 4 April 1929), sometimes also Karl Friedrich Benz, was a German engine designer and automotive engineer.His Benz Patent Motorcar from 1885 is considered the first practical automobile put into series production.

  9. Quebec Church Records • FamilySearch › wiki › en
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    Roman Catholic parish registers are the most accurate and helpful of all the French Canadian genealogical sources. These registers contain baptism, marriage, and burial records from 1621 to the present. Between 1679 and 1993, all parishes in Québec were required to send duplicate copies to the civil archives. This duplication has ensured that a vast majority of vital records from Quebec survive to the present day. The Family History Library Collection The Family History Library has microfilm copies of the following: *All Catholic registers from 1621 to 1877, *Most of the civil copies of Catholic registers between 1878 and 1899, *Catholic registers to 1910 from Québec parishes in the Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario, in the Ottawa River Valley. To find these microfilms, look in the Place Search of the FamilySearch Catalog under QUEBEC, [COUNTY], [TOWN] - CHURCH RECORDS. Microfilms of these registers are also available at many archives and libraries in Canada and in the northeastern and m...

    The earliest Protestant records are from 1766, when the Church of England (Anglican) parishes were founded in Montréal. Presbyterian records date from 1770 in the city of Québec and 1779 in Montréal. Other non-Catholic groups came later. 1. An inventory of Catholic and Protestant church records is: Fortin, Francine. Guide des registres d'état civil du Québec = Guide to Quebec's Parishes and Civil Registers 1621–1993. [Lachine, Québec, Canada: F. Fortin], 1993. (Family History Library book 971.4 K22f; on 7 fiche 6075969.) Lists church records available on microfilm and in books. Protestant church records are not as extensive as the Catholic records. Clergy of legally recognized Protestant groups were required to send duplicate copies of their church records to the civil archives. They did not always do it. Also, baptisms and marriages performed by some non-Catholic clergy were not recognized by civil authorities until 1825 or later. Beginning in 1825, the registers of various denomin...

    Church book from The Norwegian Seamen's Mission in Montreal - images, (Many of these records are restricted for privacy, but are still listed on the Norway National Archive's website) Church book from The Norwegian Seamen's Mission in Quebec, Pensacola- images, 1. Baptisms 1888-1920 2. Stillborn 1887-1916 3. Marriages 1888-1922 4. Confirmations 1888-1920 5. Deaths/burials 1887-1925

    For additional strategies, see Canada Vital Records, How to Locate Your Ancestor in Canada, and How to Recognize your Canadian Ancestor

    What if I did not find my ancestor's name in the parish records?

    Your ancestor may be listed in the parish records but with a different spelling of his or her name. For suggestions on how the name might be spelled, see Name Variations in Canadian Indexes and Records. If an ancestor or family were in the parish registers, yet seems to disappear, he may have gone into the fur trade. Consider searching the Internet for "Hudson's Bay Company Archives" and other searches.

    What if I cannot find records for my ancestor's parish?

    If you cannot find a church marriage record, look in the notarial records for a marriage contract. About two-thirds of the marriages before the mid-1800s had marriage contracts. For information about notarial records, see Quebec Notarial Records. Several genealogical dictionaries also have marriage information. One of the most important is Cyprien Tanguay's, Dictionnaire généalogique des familles canadiennes (Genealogical Dictionary of French Canadian Families). For information about other ge...

    How can I find where a parish is and what diocese it is in?

    Some of the parishes of Québec and the counties to which they belong are in Répertoire toponymique du Québec(Geographic Names of Québec). Text in French. Localities are listed alphabetically. For each locality, this book lists the canton (township), if applicable, and the division de recensement (the census division, which in this case is the county). Information about parishes, which includes dates they were founded and their locations, is in: 1. Magnan, Hormisdas. Dictionnaire historique et...

  10. Humboldt University of Berlin - Wikipedia › wiki › Humboldt_University_of_Berlin

    3 days ago · The university was located in a palace constructed from 1748-1766 for the late Prince Henry, the younger brother of Frederick the Great. After his widow and her ninety-member staff moved out, the first unofficial lectures were given in the building in the winter of 1809. Humboldt faced great resistance to his ideas as he set up the university.

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