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  1. Aug 12, 2019 · Abstract. The ‘county community’ is something of a hot potato amongst late medieval political historians. Since the publication of an influential article by Christine Carpenter in 1994, in which she condemned the county community as anachronistic and conceptually flawed, research on the political structures of late medieval England has mostly avoided the term and the idea.

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  2. During the fifteenth century, England experienced turbulent times and good governance of the country was essential. Using a cadet branch of the Courtenay family who sat at Powderham in Devon, this thesis investigates the role of the gentry in the

  3. County boroughs were also found in Ireland, where they were created by an Act of 1898. They survive in the Republic but not in Northern Ireland. Half the Welsh unitary authorities created in 1994 and effective from 1996 are designated as county boroughs. (For more detail, see under UNITARY AUTHORITY). COUNTY OF A CITY Also COUNTY OF A TOWN.

  4. The history of Newcastle dates from AD 122, when the Romans built the first bridge to cross the River Tyne at that point. The bridge was called Pons Aelius or 'Bridge of Aelius', Aelius being the family name of Roman Emperor Hadrian, who was responsible for the Roman wall built across northern England along the Tyne–Solway gap.

  5. His rather precarious conquest of the county of Maine, his long quarrels 11Ihhhjams, with Philip I. of France, who suborned against him his undutiful and rebellious eldest son Robert, his negotiation with Flanders and Germany, deserve no more than a mention.

  6. Mar 21, 2020 · There was a big row in a meeting of the “country ring” politicians Monday night when friends of J.D. Ponder refused to accept Adrian Pool as corporation court judge candidate. Glimpses Of The Past—13 yrs ago. January 1, 1911. The first bloodshed between the rebels and Mexican federals was reported from Sonora.

  7. Knokke-Heist is a municipality located in the Belgian province of West Flanders. The municipality comprises the towns Knokke and Heist-aan-Zee that merged also with some other minor locations in 1971. Dallas–Fort Worth is a metroplex and the usual name for the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan area in Texas.