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  1. Flanders, medieval principality in the southwest of the Low Countries, now included in the French département of Nord (q.v.), the Belgian provinces of East Flanders and West Flanders (qq.v.), and the Dutch province of Zeeland (q.v.). The name appeared as early as the 8th century and is believed to

  2. Flanders, double groat or 'jangelaar', struck in Gent under Philip the Bold (1384–1404) with the arms of Burgundy and Flanders. Philip was very active at the court of France, particularly after the death in 1380 of his brother King Charles V , whose successor Charles VI became king at the age of 11.

  3. Similarly, counts of the very rich county of Flanders (at this stage, they were the dukes of Burgundy) used their position as top rank peers of France to establish a powerful state. Their policy was facilitated by the fragmentation of power in France and in Germany, at the end of the Middle Ages.

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