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    The Bob and Larry Movie was originally planned to be the second VeggieTales movie with a released date in late 2005. It was placed into production in early 2002, toward the end of production of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie (2002). However, Big Idea Productions fell into bankruptcy in late 2002 and the film was placed on hiatus, deemed too expensive.

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    Chicken Run is a 2000 stop-motion animated comedy film produced by Pathé, Aardman Animations, and DreamWorks Animation. The studio's first feature-length film, it was directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park from a screenplay by Karey Kirkpatrick and story by Lord and Park.

  3. This movie was first scheduled to air on U.S. network television in the fall of 1966. Just before it would have aired, however, Valerie Percy, the daughter of then-U.S. Senate candidate Charles H. Percy (U.S. Senator, R-Illinois: 1967 to 1985), was stabbed to death, apparently by an intruder, in a murder that, as of 2019, remains unsolved.

  4. Carlos Alazraqui, Actor: The Fairly OddParents. Carlos Alazraqui is an American actor and comedian known for his roles as Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life, Spyro the Dragon in the 1998 video game of the same name, Lazlo and Clam from Camp Lazlo, Denzel Crocker from The Fairly OddParents, James Garcia in Reno 911, the Taco Bell chihuahua, and Puma Luco from El Tigre.

  5. Nov 17, 2021 · Optimus Prime (Legends, 2007) . Japanese name: EZ Collection Optimus Prime Legends class Optimus Prime is an extremely simplified toy of the extremely complex movie design. As such, he features numerous unavoidable inaccuracies, such as not transforming or even looking very much like the original design or the larger toy versions in robot mode.

  6. Jan 31, 2019 · I could feel her coming in my arms, a series of convulsions, her thighs clamping down on my hand. God, it was so sweet! I let my daughter calm down, hugging her all the while. When I looked at her, she was flushed, her eyes wide open and glowing with wonder. Again acting on impulse, I gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

  7. Barring another unfortunate left turn in our tortured collective recovery from COVID-19, we’re getting tantalizingly close to seeing the release of a few of the most highly anticipated movies that have been delayed since the start of this whole hot mess: “No Time to Die,” the twenty-fifth James Bond movie, is out on 8 Oct and “The French Dispatch,” Wes Anderson’s latest, is out on ...