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  1. College Admissions Essay: The Turning Point 822 Words | 4 Pages. The Turning Point   Probably the most important turning point in my life happened in 1992.  At this time, I was eight years old and living in Williamsport Pennsylvania.  My dad had a well-paying job at Anchor Darling Valve Company, I was attending a parochial school and I thought life was just great.  At the ...

  2. There is a sub-genre for beating the college essay that clocks in at over 4,000 books because doing even a little bit better than mediocre can give you an edge. In a study of Michigan’s early 2000s essay topic on diversity, the researchers went out of their way to stress just how bad the essays were.

  3. Mar 09, 2017 · Long a staple of military professional reading lists, “A Message to Garcia,” written by Elbert Hubbard continues to be considered among the most important literary works on leadership—and followership. It held a place of prominence on the Marine Corps Commandant’s reading list from the first list in 1989 all the way through 2015. We have […]

  4. Colleges need to stop recruiting athletes to save the integrity of their admissions and academic standards. Now to debunk some common arguments I've heard against my position. 1. Colleges need to recruit because sports teams make lots of money for them. The fact is that the vast majority of colleges lose money on athletic programs.

  5. So, to get a bachelor’s degree within 4 academic years, you will spend around $192,000 just for your education. If you want to go to a college in a fun and exciting city like New York or San Francisco or LA, that’s more money. Rent is at an all-time high in those cities. I had to pay $3,650/month to live in a one-bedroom apartment n

  6. Your college essays offer the highest impact for the least amount of time. Unlike your GPA and extracurriculars, you won’t need to spend 4 years carefully developing this aspect of your application. With the right preparation and mindset, you can craft an exceptional suite of essays within a month of starting.

  7. All how competitive a college is changes is how likely you are to get into that college. It shouldn't affect how likely you are to get into Oxford. Applications change for each college every year, and there's little point trying to analyse them. Apply wherever the hell you want.

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