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  1. We use when to refer to a future situation or condition that we are certain of, whereas we use if to introduce a possible or unreal situation. When or since? We use when to mean ‘ (at) the time that’. We use since to refer to a particular time in the past until another time or until now: I had a great time when I went to the coast.

  2. Definition of when 1 as in while at or during the time that she complained that no one was paying attention to her when she gave her speech Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance while whilst as so long as Antonyms & Near Antonyms after 2 as in once just at the moment that you should say hello when you answer the phone Synonyms & Similar Words once

  3. when (wĕn, hwĕn) adv. At what time: When will we leave? conj. 1. At the time that: in the spring, when the snow melts. 2. As soon as: I'll call you when I get there. 3. Whenever: When the wind blows, all the doors rattle. 4. During the time at which; while: When I was young, I was sick all the time. 5.

  4. We can use when to introduce a single completed event that takes place in the middle of a longer activity or event. In these cases, we usually use a continuous verb in the main clause to describe the background event: He was walking back to his flat when he heard an explosion. Depending on the context, when can mean ‘after’ or ‘at the same time’.

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