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  1. Jul 08, 2021 · Netflix recently announced that season 3 of Virgin River will premiere on July 9, 2021. Given that last season was released right around Thanksgiving, this is so much earlier than fans had hoped.

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    Exciting news: Virgin River is returning to Netflix with 10 brand-new episodes on Friday, July 9!Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel, joined the rest of the cast to share the news in a sweet Instagram video. This comes six months after the show's leading couple announced that Netflix picked up Virgin Riverfor a third season.

    Netflix revealed that the "twist-packed season" will give fans the drama that they love, including some firsts for a Virgin River: "a funeral, a fire, a divorce, a hurricane and a new romance." See it all firsthand in the newly-released season 3 trailer: The trailer answered some of our biggest questions, confirming that Doc is going blind and Jack survived the shooting (shocker). But in a town like Virgin River, more answers can often lead to more questions, especially when it comes to Doc and Hope's complicated relationship as well as Preacher's involvement with Paige/Michelle's cover-up. Although the trailer teases some tension between Mel and Jack, an all-new clipshows Mel consoling Jack, who jokes that he "ends up breaking things" to cope with his feelings. "You know I'm here for you, whatever you need," she tells him. Some of the newer storylines, like Lizzie and Ricky's budding relationship, are just getting started. Showrunner Sue Tenney is particularly interested in explori...

    By the looks of it, it seems like everyone will return to Virgin River. The cast includes Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Colin Lawrence, Lauren Hammersley, Tim Matheson, Annette O'Toole, Jenny Cooper, Grayson Gurnsey, Sarah Dugdale and Benjamin Hollingsworth. There will also be a few new faces the third time around, according to People. Zibby Allen, who is known for her work on The Flash and Grey's Anatomy, will join the cast as Jack's sister, "a lawyer who is smart, hard-charging, ballsy and a whole lot of fun." Saving Hope and Diggstown actress Stacey Farber will play Tara, Lilly's daughter, who is "helping her with baby Chloe while her three other siblings are living away from home."Jasmine Vega, who recently just wrapped Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, will join the cast as Stella, per What's on Netflix. In the weeks leading up to the season 3 release, the official Virgin River Instagram gave a glimpse at two new characters: Tara (Stacey Farber) and Denny (K...

    The actors who play Mel and Jack hope that there are brighter days ahead for their characters. "I hope their relationship continues. I'm sure it would be difficult given Charmaine is having his babies, but yeah — I hope they get married and have babies of their own someday," Breckenridge told At the start of season 3, we'll likely get answers about who shot Jack. For now, the cast is just as confused as the rest of us. "The writers are certainly leading you to believe that it's the Calvin group of people, but maybe if there's a season 3, there will be a twist in that," Breckenridge explained to Entertainment Tonight. "It was definitely Charmaine. Do the math. I'm convinced," Henderson chimed in. Hollingsworth, who plays Brady, knows that some fans are placing the blame on his character, but he has his doubts. "Being so close to him, I don’t believe he’s someone that would do that, regardless of his state of mind. But it’s impossible not to make him a suspect," he told...

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  2. Jun 17, 2021 · #VirginRiver Season 3 premieres July 9 — TRAILER: — Netflix Queue (@netflixqueue) June 11, 2021 Season 3 will be released on 9th July 2021.

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  3. Sep 20, 2021 · Fans of Virgin River can expect to see new episodes of the rustic series arriving on Netflix soon. After Season 3 left us with more questions than it did answers, hopefully, we’ll get some much ...

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  4. Dark season 3 will be available to watch on Netflix from Saturday 27 June. How to watch Netflix with Virgin TV. If you have a TiVo ® box or Virgin TV V6 box, powered by TiVo ®: Press home on your remote. Select Apps & Games. Select All Apps . Select Netflix . If you’re already a Netflix subscriber, you can also access the app through Search & Discover or by pressing Red on channel 204. Just sign in with your existing login and start watching.

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    Two new cast members have joined Virgin River for Season 4. Mark Ghanimé and Kai Bradbury will both be series regulars in the new season, Deadline reports. Bradbury made his first appearance in the Season 3 finale as Doc's (Tim Matheson) long-lost grandson, Denny Cutler. Denny has come to Virgin River to meet his grandfather, but he's bringing a dark secret with him. Ghanimé will play Dr. Cameron Hayek, a "dashing" new physician at the clinic who catches the attention of the women in town.

    Alongside the new cast members, Breckenridge, Henderson, and Matheson will return for Season 4. According to Deadline, returning cast members also include Colin Lawrence, who plays Preacher; Ben Hollingsworth, who plays Brady; Lauren Hammersley, who plays Charmaine; Grayson Gurnsey, who plays Ricky; Sarah Dugdale, who plays Lizzie; Zibby Allen, who plays Brie; Marco Grazzini, who plays Mike; and Annette O'Toole, who plays Hope. O'Toolehad to sit out most of Season 3due to COVID-19 filming restrictions, but executive producer Sue Tenney previously assured TV Guide that the pandemic was the only reason Hope was missing last season.

    There's no premiere date just yet, just the announcement that two more seasons are coming. However, Henderson and Breckenridge appeared to be on set in September when they filmed the super cute video declaring the news, which leads us to believe that filming is already underway for the new season and we could be seeing more Virgin Riversooner than you think. The Top Movies and TV Shows on Netflix in 2021

    The father of Mel's baby is one of two men. Mel had herself artificially inseminated with her dead husband's sperm when she thought that she and Jack had ended things for good. Jack decided to take back the breakup when Mel returned to Virgin River after the fateful visit to her sister, and their rekindled romance made things a bit complicated when Mel discovered she was pregnant. Breckenridge confirmed to TV Guide after Season 3 that the only choices for the baby's father are Jack or Mark (Daniel Gillies), and we should be getting answers when the next season premieres. There's more to Jack's shooting than we know. Brady may have been arrested for shooting Jack, but a lot more went down in that bar than the audience is aware of at the moment. "There's a reason that Brady is arrested at the end of Season 3," Tenney told TV Guide."At the end of Season 4 it will be the culmination and you'll know everything as far as who shot Jack. It will involve a tremendous amount of nefarious char...

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    At the moment, there has been no official release date announced for Virgin RiverSeason 4. The series is expected to follow in the pattern of the first three seasons and will most likely see a mid-2022 release date. Although only recently officially confirmed by Netflix, Virgin RiverSeason 4 has been in production for quite some time. In August, The Watershed Grill in Brackendale, British Columbia, which serves as Jack's bar in Virgin River, revealed it was closed for filming between August 30 and September 2. What's On Netflix recently reported filming for Season 4 is expected to wrap up on November 30, 2021, which could mean the new series could arrive on screens much sooner than expected. There is even more good news for Virgin Riverfans. The romantic drama was also renewed for a fifth season, but fans will be waiting for a while for that to drop.

    The majority of the main cast is set to return for Virgin RiverSeason 4. This means fans will be reunited with Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe and Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan in the new series alongside Colin Lawrence as Preacher Middleton, Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts, Tim Matheson as Doc Mullins, and Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady. Also set to return toVirgin Riverare Grayson Gurnsey as Ricky, Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie, Zibby Allen as Brie Sheridan and Marco Grazzini as Mike Valenzuela. At the moment, it's unknown if Annette O'Toole will return as Hope McCrea, after her character Hope was involved in a serious car accident in the Season 3 finale. McCrea was largely absent from Season 3 of Virgin Riverdue to COVID restrictions and the pandemic is still ongoing, raising questions over her involvement in Season 4. However, showrunner Sue Tenney is hopeful O'Toole will return for the fourth outing. Speaking to Entertainment Weeklyahead of the Season 4 renewal,...

    There is so much to unpack from Virgin RiverSeason 3 that the upcoming Season 4 is set to be explosive. The series is also based on Robyn Carr's book series of the same name, so there is plenty of material ahead for Season 4. At the end of Virgin RiverSeason 3, Hope was in a very serious car accident on the way to a funeral and required life-saving surgery. In a classic cliffhanger move, the episode concluded with an update on Hope's condition. She was in a medically induced coma, fighting for her life. Another huge cliffhanger at the end of Season 4 was the arrival of Doc's (Tim Matheson) mysterious grandson, who turned up in Virgin Riverlooking for Doc and carrying a huge secret. Elsewhere, Mel discovered she was pregnant, but whether the baby's father is Jack was called into question. Before Jack's proposal, Mel and Jack had called it quits on their relationship after a few rocky weeks. Mel had visited a fertility clinic in Los Angeles that housed the embryos she and her late hus...

    No, unfortunately, there is no trailer yet for Virgin RiverSeason 4. A trailer is expected to drop closer to the release date in 2022. In the meantime, you can watch the first three seasons of Virgin RiverSeason on Netflix now. Alternatively, there are plenty more wholesome shows out there to fill the Virgin River hole in your life as you await the arrival of Season 4, including Ted Lasso, Schitt's Creek, Queer Eye and Sex Education. Virgin RiverSeason 4 is coming soon to Netflix.

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