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  1. Aug 30, 2009 · al i knw is that god is da master of future…he created it….eventualy he knws dat if he had left da infants o children…it wil only breed mre revenge….if dea ws a little chance dat some children o infants would repent and stick to da law wen dey wud hav grown up….he would nt hav order them to b killed…god knws da future..we dnt…abt god regretin…and he does…bt nt bcause of ...

  2. i. The Book of Job is rightly understood to be a masterpiece of Hebrew poetry and Western literature. As the first poetic book of the English Bible, Job introduces the reader to the idea of Hebrew poetry, which involves the repetition and combination of ideas more than sounds. ii. The author, date, and place of the Book of Job are all uncertain.

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