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  1. May 01, 2016 · Camels are referred to in the Old Testament fifty three times. Though camels were also important in New Testament times, they are only mentioned there six times. In both Matthew 3:4 and Mark 1:6 they are cited in reference to John the Baptist’s raiment (camel’s hair). The other four references are from our Lord.

  2. The Midianite caravans of camels are mentioned as early as the time of Jacob, when they carried "spicery and balm and myrrh" from the land of Gilead into Egypt (Genesis 37:25, 28, 36). Ephah is a sub-tribe of Midian ( Genesis 25:4 ).

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  4. Dromedaries are mentioned in the book of Esther, where messages were to be sent in haste to all parts of a vast kingdom; the messengers rode "on mules, and camels, and young dromedaries." This is a very large animal and is mentioned a great many times in the Bible. I think you will like to find all these places, and see what is said about the ...

  5. Jacob had camels as a portion of his wealth ( 30:43), as Abraham also had ( 24:35). He sent a present of thirty milch camels to his brother Esau ( 32:15). It appears to have been little in use among the Jews after the conquest. It is, however, mentioned in the history of David ( 1 Chronicles 27:30), and after the Exile ( Ezra 2:67; Nehemiah 7 ...

  6. Feb 14, 2014 · The Bible very clearly shows people from Mesopotamia and the Arabian Desert having camels early on, and we in fact know from other archaeological evidence in Iran (which doesn’t involve any Bible interpretation) that camels were domesticated long before Abraham’s time, which is about the first time camels are mentioned in the Bible.

  7. Asses are mentioned along with camels and horsemen in Isaiah’s prophecy of the fall of Babylon (Isaiah 21:7). These four beasts of burden are mentioned in the same order in Zechariah 14:15. The horses and mules would be ridden by the wealthier, asses by the poorer classes. The camels and asses would carry the baggage.

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