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  1. The dove is mentioned in the Bible more often than any other bird (over 50 times); this comes both from the great number of doves flocking in Israel, and of the favour they enjoy among the people. The dove is first spoken of in the record of the flood ( Genesis 8:8–12); later on we see that Abraham offered up some in sacrifice, which would ...

  2. Verse 1 ‘In the beginning’. The *Hebrew word for ‘beginning’ here is also the *Hebrew title of this book. The usual English title, Genesis, is from a Greek word for ‘beginning’. (Greek is the language that the people in Greece speak. And the New Testament writers wrote in Greek.) ‘God’. God has always existed. And he will exist ...

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    Jacob (/ ˈ dʒ eɪ k ə b /; Hebrew: יַעֲקֹב ‎, Modern: Yaʿaqōv (help · info), Tiberian: Yaʿăqōḇ; Arabic: يَعْقُوب, romanized: Yaʿqūb; Greek: Ἰακώβ, romanized: Iakṓb), later given the name Israel, is regarded as a patriarch of the Israelites and is an important figure in Abrahamic religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

  4. An EasyEnglish Bible Version and Commentary (2800 word vocabulary) on the Book of 1 Kings. Philip Smith. This commentary has been through Advanced Checking. Words in boxes are from the Bible. In the Bible text, words in [ ] are part of the Bible text. Words in ( ) are explanations.

  5. It is important that when we come across the word "Law" in The Bible, we need to determine whether or not the term is being used to cover all of the above aspects of the Law, or just a portion of it, such as the Ten Commandments. The text normally reveals the use clearly. In Exodus 19, we find Israel had not yet received the Law. Exodus 19:7,8

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