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  1. עַכְשׁוּב ‘Akhshûbh, mentioned only once in the Hebrew Bible, namely Psalm 140, but manifestly alluded to in Psalm 13:3, and Romans 3:13, seems to have been one of the most highly poisonous kinds of viper, perhaps the toxicoa, also called echis arenicola or scytale of the Pyramids, very common in Syria and North Africa.

  2. The English word for GOEL is a redeemer. So: (1) In the Book of Ruth, Boaz freed Ruth. He loved her. So he paid her debts and he married her. He was her redeemer or GOEL. (2) God is often called a GOEL or redeemer. For example, Psalm 19:14 and Isaiah 63:16. (3) The Bible teaches that Jesus is our redeemer (1 Peter 1:18-19).