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  1. Sep 20, 2022 · There had been 23 measurable earthquakes within the last three weeks in southwestern Utah, northwestern Arizona and southeastern Nevada, according to USGS reports.

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  2. The main area of ley lines in NA is the Magic Zone. And that is Mississippi River valley, Centered at the St. Louis Arch Super Nexus Point. Another major area is the ruins of Tolkeen. The southern side of the Grand Canon has alot of major ley lines. And around Duluth.

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  4. Over 30 years of following the leys here in Scotland I have found one incontroversial truth - the major leys here and the USA are emitted from volcanic plugs and extinct volcanoes. The USA has ALL of its capitals placed in lines from extinct volcanoes on the Azores, Bermuda and Azores.

  5. Jun 4, 2022 · Many ancient cultures could identify these world grid ley lines. There are over 4000 sites of historical and spiritual significance on this grid. These sites include the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, the stone heads at Easter Island, and Mexico’s sun and moon pyramids. It also links ancient mystical sites, churches, temples, henges, and burial sites.

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    The concept of ley lines is surprisingly recent given the sites being referenced, being first theorized in detail in 1921. Since that time, the debate has never been concluded, and the arguments continue over whether they exist or not. Indeed, many of the proponents of ley lines confess they do not understand their purpose in detail. Most conclude ...

    Alfred Watkins offered evidence for his theory by giving examples of different types of monuments in a straight line across the globe. He drew a straight line across southern England, and later one from the southern tip of Ireland to Israel, which he claimed connected seven different locations that included the name “Michael,” in some form. And it ...

    One of the more down to earth theories about ley lines relates to their use as a technique for navigation. They have been theorized as a tool by which early British (ley lines were, initially, a very Britishconcept) travelers could guide themselves safely to their destination. 1. Sailing Stones of Death Valley Mystery Solved 2. Blythe Intaglios Geo...

    Most of the papers and books are published so far across the globe, relating to Watkins’s concept of ley lines, reject and criticize the supernatural aspect of his theories. But this theory has evidently caught the attention of the modern age and the counterculture movements. Many, unsatisfied with the explanations for the universe offered by scien...

    What Are Ley Lines? Available at: The Lore and Lure of Ley Lines. Available at: The ancient network that links Britain! Available at:

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  6. Ley lines Vortex Maps I have a book on this topic, but I need to dig it out of my library. I shall try to do that today. BTW, Digger... I found a book that we talked about several months ago. Atlantis Mother of Empires by Robert B. Stacy-Judd It seemed that you were wanting to look for that book. If you prefer, I can loan mine to you.

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