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  1. The Main Valley Bogs include three active raised bogs that occur as part of a complex along the valley of the River Main in the north-east of Northern Ireland. Although pool development on each of the component bogs is limited, they all display the classic dome formation with hummocks and hollows.

  2. The confluence of the Rhine and Maas from the west. Front: Rotterdam ports and Haringvliet; Middle right: mouth of the Meuse Data: location Netherlands, Germany, Belgium: River system: Rhine and Scheldt: Important waters of the delta area

  3. radial pattern, most originate from the Alps. Donube River= longest river. Rhine River= most important transportation line. Most rivers in northern and southern Europe are not navigable. Mature rivers (West and East) Youthful rivers (North and South). Lakes= northern Europe (last Ice Age), several in the Alps.

  4. Avar. Avar, one of a people of undetermined origin and language, who, playing an important role in eastern Europe (6th–9th century), built an empire in the area between the Adriatic and the Baltic Sea and between the Elbe and Dnieper rivers (6th–8th century). Inhabiting an area in the Caucasus region in ...

  5. The extent to which a gap can be identified between the social and market rental sectors in six countries in north-west Europe (England, Flanders (Belgium), France, Germany, Ireland and the ...

  6. In the north, intergradation between the western (W) and eastern (E) bullhead lineages is found both among rivers (west-to-east) and along individual rivers (south-to-north).

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    Sep 05, 2015 · 2015 Canada and Europe. April 13 - June 9. 2014-15 Mexico City. December 22 - January 18. 2014 France and Italy. August 1 - October 1. 2014 France. April 13 - 27. 2014 USA, Mexico and Canada. January 7 - March 17. 2013 USA and Canada. March 25 - May 4; May 5 - June 16; June 17 - July 21; July 21 - September 18. 2012 Singapore and Australia. May ...

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