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  1. The Western Front was the place where the most powerful military forces in Europe, the German and French armies, met and where the First World War was decided. At the outbreak of the war, the German Army, with seven field armies in the west and one in the east, executed a modified version of the Schlieffen Plan, bypassing French defenses along the common border by moving quickly through ...

  2. Dec 20, 2021 · Maritime Flanders, extending inland for about 5 to 10 miles (8 to 16 km), is a region of newly formed and reclaimed land (polders) protected by a line of dunes and dikes and having largely clay soils. Interior Flanders comprises most of East and West Flanders and has sand-silt or sand soils. At an elevation of about 80 to 300 feet (25 to 90 ...

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    Wallonia is a cognate of terms such as Wales, Cornwall and Wallachia, all rooted in the Germanic word Walha, meaning the strangers, referring to Gallic or Celtic people. Wallonia is named after the Walloons, a group of locals who natively speak Romance languages.

  4. Jan 03, 2022 · / Map courtesy World History Encyclopedia, Creative Commons The Songhai were only present south of the Gambia River, and this permitted the Wolof in the north to exploit one of the few vacant areas the Songhai Empire did not control in West Africa (either through direct occupation or the enforcement of tribute).

  5. Jul 20, 2021 · The Schelde and the Meuse are the two main rivers of Belgium. Both of these rivers originate in France, cross Belgium and flow towards the Netherlands. Belgium’s water reserves are concentrated in the southern region while the majority of the country’s population lives in the north. Thus, with the help of canals, storage basins, and ...

  6. is the most comprehensive and authoritative online source of inspiration and information about enjoying the rivers and canals of France – on the water or by the water. Site Map (founded 2003) is independent and impartial.

  7. Mar 08, 2021 · Situated in the Alsace region, Colmar´s proximity to Germany has meant that it has changed hands numerous times between the two nations over the course of its history. Tourists flock to the city for its stunning old town that so perfectly combines weaving cobblestone alleys with delightful canals, and the distinctive houses that line its streets.

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