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  1. West Flanders is the only Belgian province that borders both France and The Netherlands; it is the only province not landlocked . Economy The Gross domestic product (GDP) of the province was 46.9 billion € in 2018.

  2. radial pattern, most originate from the Alps. Donube River= longest river. Rhine River= most important transportation line. Most rivers in northern and southern Europe are not navigable. Mature rivers (West and East) Youthful rivers (North and South). Lakes= northern Europe (last Ice Age), several in the Alps.

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  4. Over the last centuries, a sediment budget deficit has forced many coastal systems in Ireland, and elsewhere in north-west Europe, to self-cannibalise as they retreat landward by rollover and seek ...

  5. Jul 15, 2016 · Small first or second order streams predominated in the region. Stream sites visited varied from minimal to severe in the degree of impact from artisanal mining, logging and agriculture, yet forty ...

  6. India is the seventh largest country in the world. The north south extent is 3214km & E-W 2933 Km. The mainland coastline is 6100 km long & including islands it is 7516 km long. Its geographical area is around 58 fGhanshyam Thori Geography Notes 33 lakh sq km (or 328.72 million hectares).

  7. They too are an Indo-European tribe, arriving in the region in about 1900 BC. Troy is ideally placed to prosper from trade, being on the north-south sea link between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and on the east-west land route between Asia and Europe.