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  1. The landscape of the Russian Federation is largely flat, punctuated only by the Urals and other prominent mountain ranges to the Far East. The three major rivers west of the Urals - the Dnepr, Don and Volga - all originate within 400 km of Moscow and flow south into the Black and Caspian Seas.

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  3. This unbroken stretch of land north of the mountains, reaching from the Pacific in the east to the Atlantic in the west, means that the boundary between Asia and Europe is a somewhat vague concept. Indeed Europe is really the western peninsula of the much larger mass of Asia.

  4. India is the seventh largest country in the world. The north south extent is 3214km & E-W 2933 Km. The mainland coastline is 6100 km long & including islands it is 7516 km long. Its geographical area is around 58 fGhanshyam Thori Geography Notes 33 lakh sq km (or 328.72 million hectares).

  5. The American Revolution. EY EW I T N E S S H I S TO RY Updated Edition David F. Burg In memory of Richard William Burg and Rollin Henry Rend . 1,632 438 15MB Read more

  6. General Map of the Campaign in East Africa. Solid black line: Track of the German Main Force, 1916-1918. It was not till later, after the enemy had penetrated the country, that the native became a real danger to us : and then it was. mdeed, very great. The native has a fine sense of the transfer of real power from one hand to the other.

  7. Journal of a Horticultural Tour through some Parts of Flanders, Holland, and the North of France, in the Autumn of 1817. By a deputation of the ... Society (1823; 16 images, 7 plates )