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    The neighbouring Polog Region had a similar rate, but the less affected region was the South-West, with 22%. Unemployment in Skopje mainly affects men, who represent 56% of job-seekers, people between 25 and 44 years old (45% of job-seekers), and non-qualified people (43%). [53]

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  5. Angola Area: 481,226 sq mi (1,246,700 sq km) including the exclave of Cabinda. / World Rank: 24 Location: Located in the Eastern and Southern Hemispheres on the west coast of the African continent,south and southeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DROC), west of Zambia, north of Namibia, east of the Atlantic Ocean.

  6. India is the seventh largest country in the world. The north south extent is 3214km & E-W 2933 Km. The mainland coastline is 6100 km long & including islands it is 7516 km long. Its geographical area is around 58 fGhanshyam Thori Geography Notes 33 lakh sq km (or 328.72 million hectares).

  7. The American Revolution. EY EW I T N E S S H I S TO RY Updated Edition David F. Burg In memory of Richard William Burg and Rollin Henry Rend . 1,632 438 15MB Read more