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    Most of Wallonia's major cities and two-thirds of its population lie along the east–west aligned Sambre and Meuse valley, the former industrial backbone of Belgium. To the north of this valley, Wallonia lies on the Central Belgian Plateau, which, like Flanders, is a relatively flat and agriculturally fertile area.

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    Metro Manila, also known as the National Capital Region, is a conurbation of the capital Manila, fifteen neighboring cities, and a small town to compose the largest urban center in the Philippines. Within the immediate periphery but not administratively part of the region, are cities and towns belonging to various provinces near the capital region.

  3. Jul 20, 2021 · The line serves to connect cities on entire coast of Belgium and is 68 km long. 26. The Belgian Coast Tram – the Kusttram— is the longest tram line in the world. It is 68 km long and connects the cities and towns along the entire Belgian (West Flanders) coast, between De Panne near the French border and Knokke-Heist. 27.

  4. Aug 10, 2021 · Belgium (Dutch: België, French: Belgique, German: Belgien) is a beautiful country on the North Sea coast in the Benelux.With the majority of West European capitals within 1,000km or 622 miles of the Belgian capital of Brussels, and as a member of the long-standing international Benelux community, Belgium sits at the crossroads of Western Europe.

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