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    Negros /ˈneɪɡrɒs/ is the fourth largest island in the Philippines, with a total land area of 13,309 km2. Negros is one of the many islands that comprise the Visayas, in the central part of the country. The predominant inhabitants of the island region are mainly called Negrenses. As of 2015, the total population of Negros is 4,414,131. From May 29, 2015 to August 9, 2017, the whole island was governed as an administrative region which was officially named the Negros Island Region which ...

  2. Negros Negros is a large island in the Visayas, the island group comprising the central division of the Philippines.The Visayas forms roughly the central third of the Philippines, so this region is approximately in the center of the whole country.

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    Negros, island, one of the Visayan Islands, central Philippines. It is separated from the island of Panay to the northwest by the Guimaras Strait and from Cebu island to the east by Tanon Strait. The island is bordered on the north and south by the Visayan and Sulu seas, respectively. Negros is

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    Negros Occidental (Hiligaynon: Nakatungdang Negros; Tagalog: Kanlurang Negros), is a province in the Philippines located in the Western Visayas region. Its capital is the city of Bacolod. It occupies the northwestern half of the large island of Negros, and borders Negros Oriental, which comprises the southeastern half. Known as the "Sugarbowl of the Philippines", Negros Occidental produces more than half the nation's sugar output.

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    Negros Occidental, also known as Occidental Negros or Western Negros, is a province located in the region of Western Visayas. Its capital is Bacolod. It is the fourth most populated province in the Philippines. It is known for its chicken inasal and its sugar industry, hence nicknamed as the sugar bowl of the Philippines.

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    Negros Oriental, also called Oriental Negros or Eastern Negros, is a province located in the region of Central Visayas, in the Philippines. Its capital is Dumaguete which is known as the City of Gentle People because of the kind and hospitable inhabitants. The word Dumaguete is derived from the term dumaguit in the local dialect, meaning “to ...

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    Feb 18, 2014 - Map of Negros Occidental Province, Philippines showing the administrative divisions, Province boundary with their capital city Bacolod.

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    Other settlements were Hinigaran, Bago, Marayo (now Pontevedra), Mamalan (now Himamaylan) and Candaguit (now a sitio in San Enrique). After appointing encomenderos in the island, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi placed Negros under the jurisdiction of the governor of Oton in Panay.

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    East of Negros is the long, narrow island of Cebu, the most densely populated of all the Philippine Islands. The story of the guerrilla movement on Cebu is primarily that of two men-Harry Fenton...

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    Covering a total land area of 300,000 sq. km, the Philippines is an archipelagic nation located in Southeast Asia. As observed on the map, the three major islands of the country include Luzon, Mindanao, and the Visayas. The country has a coastline of some 36,290km, making it the world’s 5 th longest coastline. The most prominent mountain ...