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  1. The United States of America in accordance to International Law and Article 1 and Article 2 do hereby state: Article 1. In the United States of America, We the people of the United States of America are not Article 1 because we are not defined as any Democracy known to be a "dead government." Article 2. In the United States of America,

  2. They originated in England in 1747 and came to the United States in 1774. They style themselves the Millennial Church or the Unity Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing. They are almost extinct today, but what is left of the sect is confined to the United States, their principle location being at New Lebanon, N. Y.

    • J. C. O'HAIR
    • 6/24/2003 12:08:00 AM
  3. Part 1 —United States of America. Our narrative begins in the mid-nineteenth century. Covered wagons still roll across the open plains, carrying settlers to remote sectors of the American West. Vast herds of bison or buffalo —some twenty million in 1850— yet roam between the Appalachian and Rocky Mountain ranges.

  4. Möngke Temür died in 1280 and was replaced by his brother Tode Möngke (d. 1287). After he converted to Islam, the new khan focused on religion more than politics, and Noghai practically ruled the khanate for him. Noghai controlled a part of the khanate that bordered the Black Sea and Eastern Europe.

  5. Through various sources including the United States Geological Survey, op-ed author Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz wrote the following in a March 8, 2021 article posted in the online site of Israel 365 News: “In the first 65 days of this year, 42 major quakes, magnitude 6 or higher, have shaken the planet.

  6. Aug 10, 2021 · Christians have expected the immanent second coming of Christ for 2,000 years. At this point, I hope we can survive - kick the nasties out of the solar system - and rule ourselves in a Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom Solar System aka The United States of the Solar System - based upon Responsibility and the U.S. Constitution.

  7. Sep 21, 2017 · Today United Europe. MELISSA BARREIRO/PCG. 10 horns in greater detail in the final chapter of this book, where we return to Revelation 17. Now let’s summarize the prophetic message of Revelation 17.

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