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  1. Jan 22, 2021 · The personal information section asked about the students’ personal information (name, school, course, age, and sex), while the background information section explored the online learning mode and platforms (primary and secondary) used in class, and students’ length of engagement in online classes.

    • Jessie S. Barrot, Ian I. Llenares, Leo S. del Rosario
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    • 2021
  2. Sep 11, 2013 · The statutory primary national curriculum is issued by law, which means you must follow it unless there is a good reason not to. Schools are not required by law to teach the example content in ...

    • Background
    • Primary Election Systems Used in North Carolina
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    In general, there are two broad criteria by which primary elections can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction: 1. Terms of participation: In jurisdictions that conduct partisan primaries, who can vote in a party's primary? Is participation limited to registered party members, or can other eligible voters (such as unaffiliated voters or voters belonging to other parties) participate? In general, there are three basic types of primary election participation models: open primaries, closed primaries, and semi-closed primaries. 2. Methods for determining the election's outcome: What share of the total votes cast does a candidate have to receive in order to advance to the general election? Methods for determining primary election outcomes include plurality voting systems, majority voting systems, and top-two primaries. For more complete information on these criteria, click "[Show more]" below.

    Congressional and state-level elections

    In 22 states, at least one political party utilizes open primaries to nominate partisan candidates for congressional and state-level (e.g. state legislators, governors, etc.) offices. In 15 states, at least one party utilizes closed primaries to nominate partisan candidates for these offices. In 14 states, at least one party utilizes semi-closed primaries. In two (California and Washington), top-two primaries are utilized. North Carolina state law provides for semi-closed primaries, meaning t...

    Primary systems legislation

    The following is a list of recent primary election systems bills that have been introduced in or passed by the North Carolina state legislature. To learn more about each of these bills, click the bill title. This information is provided by BillTrack50 and LegiScan. Note: Due to the nature of the sorting process used to generate this list, some results may not be relevant to the topic. If no bills are displayed below, no legislation pertaining to this topic has been introduced in the legislatu...

    Primary systems ballot measures

    1. 1.1. See also: Elections and campaigns on the ballot and List of North Carolina ballot measures Since 2017, Ballotpedia has tracked no ballot measures relating to primary elections in North Carolina.

  3. Browse the most recent North Carolina obituaries and condolences. Celebrate and remember the lives we have lost in North Carolina.

  4. Mar 01, 2017 · Children are more likely to actively commute if their parents did so when they were children and if they currently actively commute to work. 23 Positive parental attitudes have been shown to be particularly important for children who lived a short distance from school. 24 Despite active travel being a specific form of PA that may have distinct ...

    • Katy P. Garnham-Lee, Catherine L. Falconer, Lauren B. Sherar, Ian M. Taylor
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    • 2016
  5. Ian Reid from Learning Media Limited has extensively edited the text to make it more readable for multiple audiences. His expertise in this regard is most appreciated. At various stages of its development, this synthesis has been discussed extensively by numerous Helen Timperley Aaron Wilson Heather Barrar Irene Fung

  6. ISSN 0968-6673. Dulwich, Katherine L and Giotis, Efstathios S and Gray, Alice and Nair, Venugopal and Skinner, Michael A and Broadbent, Andrew J (2017) 'Differential gene expression in chicken primary B cells infected ex vivo with attenuated and very virulent strains of infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV).'.

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