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    The Puritans encouraged further colonial settlement and immigration to the New World because King Charles I of England was in favor of suppressing the religious practices of Puritans in England. Eventually in 1629, the Cambridge Agreement was signed in England among some of the Puritans , established a self-governing colony, the Massachusetts ...

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    • ‘Great Giddiness’ to Leave England
    • Emigration Rage
    • Great Migration
    • The Second Wave

    The Pilgrims weren’t the first Europeans to populate New England, not by a long shot. Fishermen and fur traders from France, the Netherlands and Spain set up summer settlements along the coast since the early 16th century. Anglican English, too, tried to settle New England. Many worked for the Council of New England, a joint stock company set up by Sir Fernando Gorges and 40 friends. Gorges intended to create an aristocratic Anglican colony living off fish and furs. It failed, and the Massachusetts Bay Companytook over the charter. The Pilgrims of Plymouth Colonyhad the most extreme beliefs of the Puritan sect. They wanted complete separation from the corrupt Anglican church. More moderate Puritans only sought to purify and reform the Church of England. King Charles I gave the Great Migration an impetus when he dissolved Parliament in 1629 and began the Eleven Years’ Tyranny. Charles, a high Anglican, embraced religious spectacle and persecuted Puritans. The Puritans knew the Plymou...

    The Massachusetts Bay Company found willing recruits. Marcus Lee Hansen in The Atlantic Migration 1607-1860wrote that the company had no trouble finding congregational groups willing to make the Great Migration. Nor did the groups have any trouble recruiting members. Emigration fever spread beyond southern England. When John Winthrop, Jr., in 1635 traveled through Ireland, Scotland and the north of England, he found that the contagion preceded him. “Everywhere he stopped, eager inquirers sought him out,” Hansen wrote.

    The Puritans discriminated against people who wanted to settle with them. Magistrates scrutinized each arriving immigrant. They sent some back to England as “persons unmeete to inhabit here.” The governor could put anyone on a month’s probation who wasn’t fit ‘to sit down among us without some trial of them.’ In 1633 and 1634, the Puritans declared thanksgivingfor the harvest and for the ships that brought ‘persons of spetial use and quality.’

    Immigrants who had less property and weaker religious convictions than the early wave began to arrive. The Massachusetts Puritans passed a law forbidding a person or town to entertain guests for more than three weeks without special permission. In Rhode Island, Providence and Portsmouth required a town vote to let a newcomer stay. New Haven appointed a committee to evaluate landless strangers — and a whipping before it sent them out of town. Once the immigrants arrived, they’d spend a few weeks or the winter in their port of entry. Then they typically fanned out to new towns.If they arrived early enough in a new town to become proprietors, they would share in the distribution of land. Towns limited the number of proprietors to make sure their children had viable economic futures. When a town reached its limit, the proprietors closed it. Within the first 10 years of settlement, the Puritans closed 22 towns from Maine to Rhode Island. But plenty of frontier land beckoned from the inte...

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    Mar 03, 2021 · They settled on the Shawmut Peninsula, recognizing its rich potential as a seaport. The Puritans, their descendants and other settlers became shipbuilders, seamen, fishermen and merchants. By 1648, Boston was doing quite well and by the end of the 1600s, the Port of Boston’s fleet was the third-largest in the English-speaking world.

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    By 1626, the neighboring settlement of Salem became the nucleus of the Puritan Colony known as the Massachusetts Bay Company, sparking the immigration of 1,100 English settlers in 1629. Arriving with the immigrants was a royal charter from King Charles I, securing the colony as official property of the crown.

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    Jan 24, 2021 · A judge commuted it to life imprisonment, and Terry died at Attica prison in 1981 at age 50 from a pulmonary embolism, likewise taking the answers to the Boston Strangler case to his grave.

    • Robert Dominguez
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    In October 1964, 33-year-old Massachusetts native Albert DeSalvo was arrested for a series of rapes in the Boston area. Police did not consider him a suspect in the Strangler murders, and were ...

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    On this day in 1962, police discovered the body of the first victim of the Boston Strangler. For the next two years, Boston would be paralyzed by fear as the strangling deaths of 13 women went unsolved. Single women took turns staying with one another and were anxious about going out alone, even in the daytime. When …

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    Boston, the largest city in New England, is located on a hilly peninsula in Massachusetts Bay. The region had been inhabited since at least 2400 B.C. by the Massachusetts tribe of Native Americans ...

  10. May 12, 2018 · The Boston Strangler was America’s first modern serial killer case. From June 1962 until January 1964, someone terrorized the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts with thirteen sexually-motivated murders. Single women of all ages were raped, sexually brutalized and killed inside their apartments. Apparently, they voluntarily let their killer in. The slaying string suddenly stopped. No […]

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    Oct 18, 2020 · Boston is famous for its history. The city’s geological features were carved by glaciers over 20,000 years ago and it has been occupied by humans for more than 12,000 years. The area was once home to the Massachuset tribe before being settled by colonists in the 17 th century and becoming the birthplace of the American Revolution in the 18 th ...

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