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  1. Roger Williams arrives in America - HISTORY › this-day-in-history › roger

    Feb 03, 2021 · Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island and an important American religious leader, arrives in Boston in the Massachusetts Bay Colony from England. Williams, a Puritan, worked as a teacher ...

  2. This Wealthy Woman Was Hanged as a Witch for Speaking Her ... › news › witch-trial-execution-anne

    Oct 24, 2018 · Hibbins came to Boston from Shropshire, England, with her second husband, William, who became a deputy for Boston to the General Court. ... the hypocritical judgment of the Puritans in favor of ...

  3. Samuel Adams - Quotes, Definition & Facts - HISTORY › topics › american-revolution

    Apr 17, 2020 · Samuel Adams was born into an affluent Puritan family on September 27, 1722, in Boston, the largest city in the Massachusetts colony. His father, Samuel Adams, Sr., was an accomplished merchant ...

  4. Anne Hutchinson - Early Life, Beliefs & Trial - HISTORY › topics › colonial-america

    Aug 15, 2019 · Anne and Other Puritans Flee Persecution The ascent of King Charles I in 1626 led to the persecution of Protestants by the Anglican Church of England. Puritans fled in large numbers beginning in 1630.

  5. First Salem witch hanging - HISTORY › this-day-in-history › first-salem

    Jun 09, 2020 · In Salem Village in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Bridget Bishop, the first colonist to be tried in the Salem witch trials, is hanged after being found guilty

  6. Massachusetts - HISTORY › topics › us-states

    Aug 21, 2018 · Boston, the largest city in New England, is located on a hilly peninsula in Massachusetts Bay. The region had been inhabited since at least 2400 B.C. by the Massachusetts tribe of Native Americans ...

  7. Mayflower departs England - HISTORY › this-day-in-history › mayflower

    Sep 15, 2020 · By the mid 1640s, Plymouth’s population numbered 3,000 people, but by then the settlement had been overshadowed by the larger Massachusetts Bay Colony to the north, settled by Puritans in 1629.

  8. The Real Story Behind Plymouth Rock - HISTORY › news › the-real-story-behind

    Sep 01, 2018 · The small iron fence encircling Plymouth Rock did little to discourage the stream of souvenir seekers from wielding their hammers and chisels to get a piece of the rock.

  9. Who Were the Sons of Liberty? - HISTORY › news › sons-of-liberty-members-causes

    Aug 20, 2019 · The political protest by the Sons of Liberty famously known as the Boston Tea Party, took place on December 16, 1773 in Boston, Massachusetts. Ed Vebell/Getty Images During this time, the Sons ...

  10. Pocahontas - HISTORY › topics › native-american-history

    Aug 21, 2018 · Pocahontas was a Native American woman born around 1595. She was the daughter of the powerful Chief Powhatan, the ruler of the Powhatan tribal nation, which at