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    Baron Samedi is the leader of the Gede, loa with particular links to magic, ancestor worship and death. These lesser spirits are dressed like The Baron and are as rude and crude but not nearly as charming as their master. They help carry the dead to the underworld. Activities

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    Thought to have originated in the Caribbean, the Samedi have strong ties to the region's voodoo legacies. They practice a unique Discipline that allows them to manipulate the energies of death, albeit in a much more temporal manner than Giovanni Necromancy. Indeed, the Giovanni have very little good to say about the Samedi, and the enmity between these kindred runs deep. Some Kindred believe that the Samedi are the result of a vile Giovanni experiment gone wrong, while other vampires attribute darker origins to the Stiffs. Still other Kindred believe that the Samedi are a derelict offshoot of the Nosferatu – one that should have been stillborn. It is possible, however, that the Samedi are descended from Cappadocian Infitioreswho escaped notice.

    Samedi often involve themselves with occult or illegal activities in a city, becoming powerful houngans and mambos or trafficking with superstitious immigrant criminal elements. Given their apparent voodoo roots, the Samedi seem content to garner influence in immigrant ghettos, practicing their dark magic and preying upon a populace used to the dead walking among them. The Samedi are also notorious assassins and mercenaries, and it is for this reason that many Camarilla princes turn a blind eye to them despite their almost Masquerade-threatening involvement with the kinearound them. For the most part, the Samedi keep to themselves, and a prince never knows when she may need an ally with "special" abilities. The Stiffs seem to hold the Nosferatu and Giovanni in some inscrutable esteem (or dread), though, as they are hesitant to take out contracts on Kindred of these clans without just cause or considerable payment.

    The Samedi very rarely congregate as a clan, and those chance occurrences where they meet are merely informal gatherings of two or three members who gossip and then go their separate ways. Members of this bloodline are often very solitary in nature, and they do not often seek out companionship. A few turbulent rumors sweep through Kindred society about secret cabals of Samedi gathering in graveyards, but none of these rumors have been substantiated. Those lucky enough to have conversed with a member of this bloodline often recall a certain wisdom and intelligence within them that otherwise would have been overlooked or dismissed outright. While obsessed with death, most of these vampires still seem to possess a wisdom that betrays their short existence. However, there is more to the Samedi bloodline than a loose association of witch-doctors and death cultists. The bloodline is insular and secretive; many times, its members often keep their affairs private from even other members, su...

    As a member of Clan Hecata, a Samedi can purchase the following abilities: 1. CSI Shit: The Samedi can immediately determine a mortal's cause of death during an examination with a difficulty 3 Wits + Alertnessroll. 2. Exquisite Corpse: The Samedi can change their appearance to a corpse, at the cost of one Rouse Check and a Resolve + Subterfuge roll against an observer's Wits + Awareness. 3. Hollow Inside: The Samedi retains two dice from all dice pools relevant to a physical impairment. Impaired Willpower is excluded. 4. My Setite Friend: The Samedi has a close connection with the Ministry, retaining a 3-dot Background(e.g. Allies, Influence, or Resources) that may be relied on for a favor once per story. 5. The Silk Hat: The Samedi is the heir-apparent to the barony, and receives a five-dot Mawlathat grants cryptic help.

    As originally presented, the Samedi's clan Disciplines were Necromancy, Obfuscate, and Thanatosis. In Revised Edition, Fortitude replaced Necromancy as a clan Discipline, because of the nature of the change to the Discipline; from a straightforward Discipline to paths. However, in the LARP rules, the Samedi clan advantage is the ability to learn Necromancy without a tutor. The Samedi often learn a type of Necromancy called Voudoun. Victorian Age: Vampire used the Samedi's original Disciplines, while the 20th Anniversary Editionused their Revised-era Disciplines. In Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition, Hecata Samedi have the default clan discipline spread of Auspex, Fortitude, and Oblivion. Given that they no longer suffer from the old curse of rotting countenance, Obfuscate should not be especially missed. Still, a Storyteller may substitute Auspex with Obfuscate at their own discretion, or give Samedi players the option of purchasing of an exclusive 4-dot Merit to open it as an ext...

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  4. Baron Samedi (folklore) | Villains Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Baron_Samedi_(folklore)

    Baron Samedi is the leader of the Guédé, Loa with particular links to magic, ancestor worship, and death. These lesser spirits, all dressed like the Baron, are all as rude, crude, and obnoxious as their master. They help carry the dead to the underworld. As well as being master of the dead, Baron Samedi is also a giver of life.

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    Sep 01, 2020 · Baron Samedi, is a loa of the dead. He is a powerful healer and is especially sympathetic to terminally ill children. Many people invoke him to speak to the dead. But only if he chooses for them to. No one can die unless he chooses so. She invoked a deity and believed it was Papa Legba.

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  10. Animus magic | Wings of Fire Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Animus
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    Animus magic was almost limitless, being capable of moving objects to controlling other dragons. Despite its capabilities, animus magic was unable to bring back the dead. If two animus dragons cast two spells directly in conflict with each other, the one who is older, more powerful, more practiced and experienced, and focused is likely to win, and what exactly was enchanted would have an effect as well.[event 1] Heavy use of animus magic can unintentionally alter the landscape where it was ca...


    The spells can be cast through spoken words, thoughts, writing, and Aquatic.To ensure accuracy, the spell should be as specific as possible, otherwise the request would be interpreted another way.


    The power can be sensed and felt by a faint tingling in the claws. It was thought that using any animus magic could cause insanity, though it has been heavily implied in both that this only happens if an animus dragon uses their magic for evil. Turtle once mentioned that animus magic also hurts an animus dragons' soul if it is used for personal gain. However, the books imply that the animus magic does affect the soul, as Stonemover enchanted his scales to turn to stone instead. Both Darkstalk...

    Different tribes have different methods of handling and using their animus dragons. Throughout time, some tribes lose animus magic while other tribes gained it. IceWings have had animus magic longer than any other tribe, though there was no first animus dragon; the powers originated from multiple dragons.[citation needed] IceWings host a test similar to the SeaWings' Talons of Power ceremony[event 3] to find animus dragons. IceWing animus dragons were only permitted to use their power once to benefit the tribe at a gifting ceremony. Prince Arctic's runaway caused the disappearance of animus magic in the tribe, which was bad genetic luck.[event 4] When Arctic ran away with the NightWings, he introduced animus magic to their tribe.The tribe received their first animus named Darkstalker. The SandWings had an animus named Jerboa, who became a fugitive after creating the Eye of Onyx. The SeaWings host a Talons of Power ceremony for SeaWings at the age of two after their first animus, Alb...

    In an interview at the Rochester Children's Book Festival, when Tui was asked for the inspiration for animus magic, she replied: "So with animus magic, it started with thinking, I needed some kind...

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