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  1. Does Brazil have wealthy Black people? Seems like there aren ... › Does-Brazil-have-wealthy-Black

    May 27, 2021 · Firstly, it is important to take notice that Brazilians, not even the historically marginalized blacks, do not think of themselves in terms of different tribes, nor even different and fully complete ethnicities.

  2. Black Culture in Portland | The Official Guide to Portland › african-american-culture
    • The Soul District: The Heart of The Black Community
    • Heading Out
    • Sports & Adventure Clubs
    • Food and Drink
    • Nightlife
    • Radio Stations

    The historic heart of Portland’s Black community is the “Soul District” of inner North and Northeast Portland, deemed the “Soul of Portland” in the 1990s as much because of its courage to sustain as for its cultural vibrancy. In this creative center, Portland’s black residents have fostered business development, artistic expression, multicultural preservation and community advocacy. This is where you will find civic institutions such as the Urban League of Portland, Self Enhancement Inc., the Black United Fund, Imagine Black, the Coalition of Black Men Portland and the Prince Hall Masons, as well as barbershops, salons, Black-owned food cart pods, African groceries, music, arts and culture. We invite you to get your soul on!

    Take a stroll through Portland, guided by tales of freed Black slaves, on a Portland Pioneers of Color Walking Tour, and attend a lecture by Oregon Black Pioneers, a nonprofit group that gives interactive presentations on the state’s rich Black heritage at schools, libraries and historical sites throughout Oregon. Visitors and locals alike can also check out the Black Resource Collection at the North Portland Library to learn about some of the Black residents who have made a lasting impact on the city. For those who would like to purchase books or gifts to take home, Third Eye Books Accessories & Giftsis a Black-owned-and-operated shop that offers African-centered items for everyone to enjoy. Take a tour of our “Albina Murals,” a collection of murals and public art in North and Northeast Portland created by local painters and sculptors, then view multicultural art exhibits, dance and performance at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center. Visit the Alberta Arts District to explore...

    Want to become a runner but aren’t sure how? Meet up with Black Girls Run, a local running group that connects women and girls of all levels of experience looking to be more active and lead healthier lifestyles. Leisure Hour Golf, a multicultural organization with a focus on involving the Black community, hosts events for golfers of all backgrounds and skill levels at Portland’s many excellent golf courses. Fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking — no trip to Portland is complete unless you experience some of the outdoor adventures the city has to offer. Connect with these great Black-run organizations for guided opportunities to bask in the beautiful outdoors. Hike a peak with the African American Outdoor Association, snag a salmon with Soul River or bag a buck with the African American Hunting Association. Then hit the slopes with the Ebony Rose Ski Club, founded in 1984.

    Located atop a hill in northeast Portland’s Hollywood district, Clyde’s Prime Rib Restaurant & Bar features an elegant dining room –think red velvet booths and a roaring fireplace – and live jazz, R&B and blues in the bar. Date night dining is perfect at Olive or Twist, a martini lounge in Portland’s trendy Pearl District. Established in the 1990s by Ethiopian immigrant Alem Gebrehiwot, Queen of Shebais one of the oldest African restaurants in the city. Check out their amazing platters of food that delight vegan and non-vegan diners alike, including homemade ginger juice, thyme tea or spicy chai. Amalfi’s Restaurant and Mercato, headed by its third-generation owner, serves up Italian trattoria cuisine including pizza, cocktails, beers and wine. Experience the taste of the Soul District by visiting food cart pods featuring a variety of authentic ethnic food. Find the famously huge and spicy Southern-style wings and salty jojos at Alberta Street Market. Meet the first known Black wine...

    Since 1921, Billy Webb Elks Lodgehas served the Black community as a YWCA, a USO club and a safe haven for those fleeing the Vanport floods in the 1940s. Hip-hop, reggae and African dance hall: Portland’s young-adult dance scene is a kaleidoscope of trendy modern venues such as Trio Club and small “juke-joints” scattered throughout the city. Check out the Local Lounge (on the first Saturday of each month) or Sengatera(every Friday) for the hottest in African Dancehall, reggae, zouk and hip-hop tunes spun by DJs from Africa.

    KBOO 90.7 – An eclectic mix of hip-hop, politics, Afrobeat and more
    JAM’N 107.5 – Party hits and throwback jams
    KMHD 89.1 – Jazz
    KOPB 91.5 – Oregon Public Broadcasting
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    6 days ago · A Black Lives Matter die-in over rail tracks, protesting alleged police brutality in Saint Paul, Minnesota (September 20, 2015) Black Lives Matter ( BLM) is a decentralized political and social movement protesting against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people.

    • Black Lives Matter movement, BLM
    • International, largely in the United States
  6. Ukrainian mosaic: five unique ethnic groupsEuromaidan Press ... › 2017/03/28 › ukrainian-mosaic-five
    • Lemkos
    • Boykos
    • Hutsuls
    • Bukovynians
    • Podolians
    • Afterword

    According to one version, Lemko ancestors were the ancient tribes of White Croats who lived on the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains. The situation with the Lemko population in Poland was very difficult until the perestroika years when an authentic revival of Lemko culture, language and traditions began in the 1980s and 1990s. Today, Lemkos are scattered between Western Ukraine, Poland, and Slovakia. They are free to preserve their national identity, and above all, their language. Their language can be distinguished by a constant stress on the penultimate syllable and frequent use of the word “лем”, which means “only”. They have established numerous Lemko organizations dedicated to saving and promoting their culture and language. During the last census in Poland, ten thousand people claimed Lemko nationality. Lemkos are Orthodox and Greek Catholic and use the Cyrillic alphabet. In recent years, they have codified their language (grammar, dictionaries, literature) and organized seve...

    There are many Boyko villages scattered across the northern and southern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains, in the valleys and along the banks of the Limnytsya, San, and Uzh Rivers. Much has been written about where the Boykos came from and who they really are. Are they the descendants of Serbian clans or the ancient Slavic tribe of White Croats? Or maybe their ancestors were the Boii, a Celtic tribe of the later Iron Age? The question remains open to debate. The Boykos often call themselves “verkhovyntsi” (highlanders). They speak a distinct dialect, often using the phrase “бойє” (just because). Visitors and guests are usually treated to baked potatoes, pickles, cabbage, bacon, “kholodets” (aspic dish), and a glass of local brew. The Boykos used to build large houses from massive spruce logs, and cover the roof with bound sheaves of straw. Windows, doors, and gates are still decorated with wonderful colourful figures, the most important of which is the tree of life. A spirited and...

    Hutsuls are called the Ukrainian mountaineers. Most Hutsuls live in Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpattia and Chernivtsi regions of Ukraine. The Hutsuls are a freedom-loving and independent people. They are hospitable, but do not welcome strangers openly into their family. They pay special attention to their clothes; even the men like to proudly display their “kyptari” (sheepskin jackets), embroidered with gold and silver threads, and decorated with pompons, sequins and buttons. Hutsul homes are also richly decorated with embroidered towels, napkins and woven carpets. Their furniture is intricately carved. They are extremely fond of weapons, proudly declaring that it is indeed a poor Hutsul who would have only two pistols and not more tucked into his belt. The significance of the name “Hutsul” is still open to debate. Some historians believe that the etymology of the word dates back to the Moldavian words “гоц” or “гуц” (pronounced “gotz” or “goots”), which means “thief”; others think it is...

    Bukovyna was established as a province by the Austrian Empire. To put it simply, it is currently divided into two parts, the north belongs to Ukraine and the south to Romania. Bukovynian villages in Chernivtsi Oblast are immediately recognizable: the houses are built very close to each other; the villages are neat, tidy and well planned. Bukovinians whitewash their homes and decorate them with two bands of colour. The upper one is painted just below the roof, decorated with floral patterns or geometric shapes, visually connecting the roof to the wall; the lower one painted bright red or blue is functional, protecting the lower part of the house from mud and dirt. Some owners decorate their houses with fancy pilasters and columns, and paint the walls between the windows in vivid eye-catching tones. The costume of Bukovyna is very complex, although the same could be said of most costume traditions. Generally speaking, the costume consists of a chemise, a wrap-around overskirt [obhortk...

    Podillya is a region located in the west-central and south-western parts of Ukraine and in northeastern Moldova (i.e. northern Transnistria). It is a historic area set between the Dnister and Southern Buh Rivers. It is quite probable that the ancestors of modern Podolians began settling here in the 4th–3rdcentury BC. Podillya is derived from Old Slavic “po”, meaning “by/next to/along”, and “dol” – “valley”. Podillya culture has undergone many influences: Poles, Jews, Greeks, Russian Old Believers and Armenians, all of whom have enriched local life and traditions, and which also explains the many Catholic and Orthodox churches, Muslim minarets, and Jewish synagogues. Podillya arts and crafts are also very unique – pottery, weaving, embroidery and basket weaving. Traditional costumes are richly decorated with embroidery and openwork (technique that produces decoration by creating holes, piercings, or gaps that go right through a solid material such as metal, wood, stone, pottery, clot...

    Ukraine is a multi-ethnic, multi-language and multi-culture country. It is home to many nationalities; twenty-two percent of Ukraine’s population is composed of ethnic minorities. Russians are the largest among them, about 17 percent of Ukraine’s population, who historically lived in the southern and eastern part of the country. Other significantly represented nationalities include Romanians, Belorusians, Crimean Tatars, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Poles, Jews, Greeks and Armenians. Since the first day of its independence in 1991, the leadership of Ukraine has faced the challenging task of building a national identity that would unite various regions with ethnically diverse populations. The Euromaidan protests and the February Revolution of Dignity in 2014 have led to a clearer understanding of Ukraine’s cultural diversity. Against the background of Russia’s occupation of Crimea and ongoing persecution of the Crimean Tatars and anything related to Ukraine, as well as Russia’s invasion o...

  7. Why are NBA stars so obsessed with living in certain cities ... › boards › viewtopic

    Jun 02, 2021 · There are more rich black people in Miami, LA and SF than rich black people in Charlotte and Memphis. I don't think NBA players want to be around working class black people. They want to be around rich people.

  8. Friday, May 28, 2021 | TALKERS magazine : TALKERS magazine ... › 2021/05/28 › friday-may-28-2021

    May 28, 2021 · We are honored to welcome the Jacksonville market, a community with a deep and rich Black heritage. BIN takes pride in being the most trusted source for both local and national news in the Black community, and Jacksonville deserves a full-time news service by and for the Black community.” GAB Radio Network Cancels Joe Walsh’s Talk Show.

  9. May 25, 2021 · Jackson, MS had Farish Street. Black doctors, lawyers, and bankers and a few restaurants. After desegregation it became a ghetto shithole and the rich black folks moved out to either live in the white suburbs or places like Atlanta, Chicago, and Detroit.

  10. Give a 24 year old life advice people. Older women preferred ... › threads › give-a-24-year-old

    Jun 10, 2021 · you can get a rich black man but the way you’re going, he’s gonna act like he’s doing you a favor Im working at this as well, so please don’t think im talking down on you. But HYPE YOURSELF and don’t be afraid to lose them with your requirements an older woman told me to carry myself like the shit and people will believe it.

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