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      • According to Atlanta Black Star, 10 of the richest African American communities in America are located predominately in Maryland, California and elsewhere. Of the top 10 listed, the most black communities where located in Maryland with an average household income of $83,000 to $118,000 dollars.
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    Jul 14, 2021 · The United States population's perception of Black Lives Matter varies considerably by race. According to a September 2015 poll on race relations, nearly two-thirds of African Americans mostly agree with Black Lives Matter, while 30% of black Americans and 37% of white Americans do not have an opinion about Black Lives Matter.

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    • The Soul District: The Heart of The Black Community
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    The historic heart of Portland’s Black community is the “Soul District” of inner North and Northeast Portland, deemed the “Soul of Portland” in the 1990s as much because of its courage to sustain as for its cultural vibrancy. In this creative center, Portland’s black residents have fostered business development, artistic expression, multicultural preservation and community advocacy. This is where you will find civic institutions such as the Urban League of Portland, Self Enhancement Inc., the Black United Fund, Imagine Black, the Coalition of Black Men Portland and the Prince Hall Masons, as well as barbershops, salons, Black-owned food cart pods, African groceries, music, arts and culture. We invite you to get your soul on!

    Take a stroll through Portland, guided by tales of freed Black slaves, on a Portland Pioneers of Color Walking Tour, and attend a lecture by Oregon Black Pioneers, a nonprofit group that gives interactive presentations on the state’s rich Black heritage at schools, libraries and historical sites throughout Oregon. Visitors and locals alike can also check out the Black Resource Collection at the North Portland Library to learn about some of the Black residents who have made a lasting impact on the city. For those who would like to purchase books or gifts to take home, Third Eye Books Accessories & Giftsis a Black-owned-and-operated shop that offers African-centered items for everyone to enjoy. Take a tour of our “Albina Murals,” a collection of murals and public art in North and Northeast Portland created by local painters and sculptors, then view multicultural art exhibits, dance and performance at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center. Visit the Alberta Arts District to explore...

    Want to become a runner but aren’t sure how? Meet up with Black Girls Run, a local running group that connects women and girls of all levels of experience looking to be more active and lead healthier lifestyles. Leisure Hour Golf, a multicultural organization with a focus on involving the Black community, hosts events for golfers of all backgrounds and skill levels at Portland’s many excellent golf courses. Fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking — no trip to Portland is complete unless you experience some of the outdoor adventures the city has to offer. Connect with these great Black-run organizations for guided opportunities to bask in the beautiful outdoors. Hike a peak with the African American Outdoor Association, snag a salmon with Soul River or bag a buck with the African American Hunting Association. Then hit the slopes with the Ebony Rose Ski Club, founded in 1984.

    Located atop a hill in northeast Portland’s Hollywood district, Clyde’s Prime Rib Restaurant & Bar features an elegant dining room –think red velvet booths and a roaring fireplace – and live jazz, R&B and blues in the bar. Date night dining is perfect at Olive or Twist, a martini lounge in Portland’s trendy Pearl District. Established in the 1990s by Ethiopian immigrant Alem Gebrehiwot, Queen of Shebais one of the oldest African restaurants in the city. Check out their amazing platters of food that delight vegan and non-vegan diners alike, including homemade ginger juice, thyme tea or spicy chai. Amalfi’s Restaurant and Mercato, headed by its third-generation owner, serves up Italian trattoria cuisine including pizza, cocktails, beers and wine. Experience the taste of the Soul District by visiting food cart pods featuring a variety of authentic ethnic food. Find the famously huge and spicy Southern-style wings and salty jojos at Alberta Street Market. Meet the first known Black wine...

    Since 1921, Billy Webb Elks Lodgehas served the Black community as a YWCA, a USO club and a safe haven for those fleeing the Vanport floods in the 1940s. Hip-hop, reggae and African dance hall: Portland’s young-adult dance scene is a kaleidoscope of trendy modern venues such as Trio Club and small “juke-joints” scattered throughout the city. Check out the Local Lounge (on the first Saturday of each month) or Sengatera(every Friday) for the hottest in African Dancehall, reggae, zouk and hip-hop tunes spun by DJs from Africa.

    KBOO 90.7 – An eclectic mix of hip-hop, politics, Afrobeat and more
    JAM’N 107.5 – Party hits and throwback jams
    KMHD 89.1 – Jazz
    KOPB 91.5 – Oregon Public Broadcasting
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    4 days ago · The black they wore was not deep and rich; the vegetable dyes used to make black were not solid or lasting, so the blacks often turned out faded gray or brown. [ citation needed ] In Latin , the word for black, ater and to darken, atere , were associated with cruelty, brutality and evil.

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    Jun 29, 2021 · McDonald said of the roughly 20,000 people buried on the grounds of the Old City Cemetery, about two-thirds are Black. With such a rich Black history to choose from, Walker said it was a challenge ...

    • Nick Cropper
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    Jul 16, 2021 · The reason why the rich get off, while poor get the punishment is because rich people are smart and poor people are dumb. Dumb people make it a habit of getting arrested and rich people don't ! Cops and judges get tired of dealing with people who make it a habit of committing crimes. Thank you and God / Nature bless.

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    Jul 19, 2021 · i do not think these people would be in that situation, let alone move to an area where their kids would be subjected to that potential outcome for kids, there are many areas that are poor but not plagued by gangs like poor black hoods are, now that i think of it, i never seen a rich black area, have you? i've seen better black hoods, but never ...

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    Jul 10, 2021 · My mother’s people were farmers in southeast Arkansas, on the aforementioned alluvial plain where the soil is rich, black and fit to feed and clothe the nation. My family weren’t hillbillies ...

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    Jul 18, 2021 · I doubt they will comfortable around black people. I love San Diego a lot. Seattle is not so bad too but most of the black people out there seem to be token. The only good thing about seattle is the is hiking trails etc. and I dont get any bad racist vibe from the white people there. With that said, can't see myself living outside of Atlanta.

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    Jul 21, 2021 · Because according to CRT, a rich black man is still oppressed, and a poor white woman is still an oppressor. All in all, what I'm saying here is that CRT is racist against white people, dangerous to this nation's youth, and a slap in the face to black 'Mericans everywhere.

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