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    The Geographic South Pole is presently located on the continent of Antarctica, although this has not been the case for all of Earth's history because of continental drift. It sits atop a featureless, barren, windswept and icy plateau at an altitude of 2,835 m (9,301 ft) above sea level, and is located about 1,300 km (810 mi) from the nearest ...

  2. About Antarctica Map is showing the Antarctic circle and the continent of Antarctica with a land area of 14 million km² (280,000 km² ice-free, 13.72 million km² ice-covered), so Antarctica is almost twice the size of Australia (7,617,930 km²), it is the world's fifth-largest continent in area, after Asia, Africa, North America, and South America (see the Americas).

  3. Nov 02, 2017 · Unlike the South Pole, the North Pole is not located on a permanent continental landmass. It is located amidst the Arctic Ocean where the water is almost permanently covered by shifting sea ice. The winter temperature in and around the North Pole ranges between −50 to −13 °C. In summer, the temperature hovers around the freezing point.

  4. Antarctic Animal Adaptations Long days providing abundant light and copious nutrients brought to the surface layers by ocean upwellings along the Antarctic Convergence fertilize the growth of phytoplankton leading to very high productivity of the Antarctic Ocean during the summer months.

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