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  1. Mt. Whitney, Inyo National Forest -

    Choose the route appropriate for your group, Mt. Whitney Trail or climbing routes like the Mountaineers Route. Consecutive day use permits are not allowed. Day Use permit cannot be used as part of an overnight trip to pass through the Mt Whitney Zone. Map of Mt Whitney Zone (Day Use permit is required within the red boundary)

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    • Mt. Whitney, California
  2. Hiking The Mt. Whitney Trail - US Forest Service

    Wilderness Permits Wilderness permits are required year-round for all day trips in the Mount Whitney Zone and all overnight trips in wilderness. Campground, lodging, services May 1 through October 31, daily trailhead quotas limit the number of people who may enter the Mount Whitney Zone. Permits for the quota season may be reserved

  3. Mount Whitney — Eastern Sierra

    Jun 23, 2018 · A permit is required, even for day hikes, anywhere in the Whitney Zone. To obtain a permit, map, or guidebook to the area, go to the Eastern Sierra Interagency Visitor Center located at at the junction of Highway 395 and State Route 136, about two miles south of Lone Pine. The center is open daily from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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  4. Hiking up Mt Whitney/permits

    Day hiking permits for Mt Whitney (Note: the rules change every year, so don't trust anything on this page). Hiking anything in the Mt Whitney region (even remote mountains like Mt Morgenson and Mt Tunnabora that hardly ever get a visitor) (so much so that even the rangers don't know them) has become a bureaucratic nightmare.

  5. Mount Whitney – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

    Fees and permits . Everybody in the Mt. Whitney Zone (between Guitar and Lone Pine lakes) must possess a valid wilderness permit. This includes backpackers and day hikers, for which separate permits are issued. From May 1 to November 1, entry and exit quotas limit the number of permits that are available.

  6. Jan 29, 2020 · Apr 01: Mt Whitney reservations open for remaining dates Whether backpacking or just day-hiking, a permit is required at all times to hike Mount Whitney Trail between May 1 and November 1. This is an extremely challenging 20-mile round trip to the summit of the tallest peak (14,505ft) in the lower 48.

  7. Deciphering the Inyo National Forest permit system | Inga's ...
    • Date, Time, Location
    • Getting The Permit
    • Forest Service Info
    • Complete List of Campsite Names
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    You can apply for a permit six months before your start date unless you’re exiting through Whitney Portal. If you want to exit through Whitney Portal your EXIT date, not your start date, must be wi...
    Applications open at midnight Pacific time each day.
    You are not allowed to stay in one location longer than 14 days. This does notmean that there is a 14-day limit to camp in Inyo NF; it simply means you can’t stay in one single location for 14 days...
    Note that the Trail Crest (Whitney Portal) exit quota applies to permits obtained through Inyo NF only. There is no exit quota for permits obtained through Yosemite NP (e.g. for a YNP permit, you m...
    Obtain the permit for one or two nights initially if you don’t need a Whitney Portal/Trail Crest exit permit. This allows you to quickly secure your permit as the website times out after a short wi...
    Plan your itinerary on a spreadsheet before you start the application. You will need to enter a campsite location for each night of your trip.   It’s helpful to have the map in front of you as you...
    Campsites for your first night are presented in a limited list of sites close to the entry trailhead on the website. Campsites for subsequent nights are listed alphabetically in a va...

    Here are some direct links to some popular Inyo National Forest trailheads (Forest Service sites are listed). These are just examples; there are other trailheads that access the JMT. These are in order from south to north. 1. Cottonwood Pass Forest Service 2. Cottonwood Lakes Forest Service 3. Mt. Whitney Lottery-Forest Service 4. Duck Pass Forest Service 5. JMT-South of Devils Postpile (SOBO) Forest Service 6. JMT-North of Devils Postpile (NOBO) Forest Service 7. Rush Creek Forest Service Map of Inyo NF Trails on List of JMT entry points within Inyo NF List of Inyo JMT Campsites from Inyo NF Alternate List of Inyo JMT Campsites Inyo Location Names-Complete List(Google Drive PDF: list by Yoshihiro Murakami)

    Here is a list of “Inyo friendly” campsite names to get you started, going South-to-North (NOBO or northbound). This assumes a starting point at Horseshoe Meadow Campground(a good place to acclimate to altitude as it is located at 10,000 feet) via the Cottonwood Pass trailhead. An alternate route from Horseshoe Meadow starts at the Cottonwood Lakes trailhead and goes over New Army Pass (at a higher elevation). You can use the same location, even “Other/don’t know,” more than once if needed in this itinerary.* 1. Chicken Spring Lake 2. SEKI-Rock Creek 3. SEKI-Crabtree (you may want to enter this two nights in a row if you’re going to summit Whitney) 4. SEKI-Tyndall Creek 5. SEKI-Center Basin 6. SEKI-Charlotte Lake 7. SEKI-Twin Lakes 8. SEKI-Upper Basin 9. SEKI-Palisade Basin 10. SEKI-LeConte Canyon 11. SEKI-Evolution Basin 12. SEKI-McClure Meadow 13. Senger Creek JMT-Sallie Keys near Florence Lake 14. Bear Creek Meadows, Upper JMT-Lake Edison 15. Quail Meadows JMT-Lake Edison 16. Vir...

  8. Whitney- where to acclimatize? - Mountain Project

    There are no trailheads in the Whitney Zone. If your trail or cross-country travel takes you into the Whitney Zone, you need a permit. The link in your comment is for a discussion of the North Fork of Lone Pine Creek, and clearly states that a permit is required. Here is a link to a map of the Whitney Zone, which is a specific area:

  9. Mt Whitney Mountaineer's Route - Timberline Trails

    Mt Whitney's Mountaineer's Route is the second most popular route up Mt Whitney. The climbing line takes you up a steep couloir that separates the northeast ridge from the east buttress of Mt Whitney. The route is rated class 3 because of the section from the notch to the summit.

  10. FAQ'S About the Area - Museum of Western Film History

    Mt. Whitney is located about 12 miles almost directly west of the museum. A live webcam is located on the museum building providing a continuous view of this peak. Whitney Portal Road runs from downtown Lone Pine west through the Alabama hills to the trailhead for hiking Mt. Whitney (known as Whitney Portal).

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