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  1. David Lunney: Where does gold come from? | TED Talk › talks › david_lunney_where_does_gold

    Did you know that gold is extraterrestrial? Instead of arising from our planet's rocky crust, it was actually cooked up in space and is present on Earth because of cataclysmic stellar explosions called supernovae. CERN Scientist David Lunney outlines the incredible journey of gold from space to Earth. [Directed by Andrew Foerster, narrated by Addison Anderson, music by Devin Polaski].

    • 4 min
  2. David Kaczynski - Wikipedia › wiki › David_Kaczynski

    David Kaczynski (born October 3, 1949) is the younger brother of Ted Kaczynski, the serial bomber dubbed the "Unabomber" by the FBI before his arrest in 1996. His memoir, Every Last Tie: The Story of the Unabomber and His Family, details his relationship with his brother and parents and the decision that David and his wife made to share their suspicion that Ted was the Unabomber with law ...

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  4. David Epstein: Are athletes really getting faster, better ... › talks › david_epstein_are_athletes

    TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: When you look at sporting achievements over the last decades, it seems like humans have gotten faster, better and stronger in nearly every way. Yet as David Epstein points out in this delightfully counter-intuitive talk, we might want to lay off the self-congratulation. Many factors are at play in shattering athletic records, and the development of our ...

  5. Susan David: The gift and power of emotional courage | TED ... › talks › susan_david_the_gift_and_power

    TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: Psychologist Susan David shares how the way we deal with our emotions shapes everything that matters: our actions, careers, relationships, health and happiness. In this deeply moving, humorous and potentially life-changing talk, she challenges a culture that prizes positivity over emotional truth and discusses the powerful strategies of emotional agility. A ...

  6. Where Is David Berkowitz Now? Everything We Know About the ... › p › david-berkowitz-now

    May 04, 2021 · David Berkowitz is now behind bars at the Shawangunk Correctional Facility. While some may have suspected that David Berkowitz wasn’t acting alone in his crimes, his would-be accomplices both suffered mysterious deaths. However, because Berkowitz was caught, he has been in police custody ever since 1977.

  7. Ted Kaczynski - Cabin, Unabomber & Manifesto - Biography › crime-figure › ted-kaczynski

    Oct 16, 2017 · Ted Kaczynski is a mathematician best known for a campaign of letter bombs he sent as the 'Unabomber' over a nearly 20-year period, resulting in three fatalities. ... David, also allegedly had a ...

  8. What Is the Unabomber's Life Like Now? - Biography › news › unabomber-ted-kaczynski-today

    Oct 08, 2020 · Using letters and documents written by Ted provided to the FBI by David, the FBI’s linguistic analysis determined the manifesto’s author was, in fact, Kaczynski.

  9. 13 David & Patrick Moments From 'Schitt's Creek' That Will ... › p › 13-david-patrick-moments-from

    Jan 07, 2020 · Patrick got jealous after David and Ted kissed during a game of spin the bottle at his high school-themed housewarming party. Normally, David is the one to give in to his extreme emotions, so it ...

  10. David Steindl-Rast - Wikipedia › wiki › David_Steindl-Rast

    David Steindl-Rast OSB (born July 12, 1926) is an American Catholic Benedictine monk, author, and lecturer.He is committed to interfaith dialogue and has dealt with the interaction between spirituality and science.

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