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  1. With a $84 Million Makeover, Belgium's Africa Museum Is ... › art-world › africa-museum
    • Decolonizing The Museum
    • Injecting Contemporary Art
    • It’S Not Just About The Museum

    “It is not normal that 80 percent of African art is currently found in Europe,” director Guido Gryseels tells artnet News over the phone ahead of the opening, saying that he agrees with president Macron’s statement. “Africa obviously has a right to retain control over its own cultural heritage. We are reopening this museum in an incredibly challenging time for European museums, but it is also a really exciting time.” Until this reboot, the museum had not been changed much since 1958, two years before Congo gained its independence from Belgium. It had only presented a positive view of its colonial legacy. Now, the Africa Museum’s “Long History” gallery will look at colonial activities and document Belgium’s excessive use of violence as colonial power. It also includes archives tracing the tragic postcolonial history that unfolded in Congo, post-independence, as well as in Burundi and Rwanda, which were both also Belgian colonies for a time. Other updates include a modern glass pavili...

    The Africa Museum has also introduced a “living” exhibition that includes works by ten contemporary African artists for the first time in dialogue with its over 120,000 ethnographic objects and other objects. A memorial wall on the grounds lists the 1,508 Belgians who died in the early colonial period under Leopold’s program. Meanwhile, the hundreds of thousands—some estimate the number goes into the tens of millions—of Congolese who died were until now given no mention. Responding to this absence, Congo-based artist Freddy Tsimba has created an intervention: His work, Shadows, uses light to project the names of the first seven Congolese victims known to die in Belgium, who perished in the human zoo Leopold II made back in 1987 for the World Expo in Antwerp in 1894, as well as the names of children who died at the Belgian city of Gijzegem’s residential school between 1890 and 1906. Most of the names of the perhaps millions of Congo-based victims remain unknown. Congo-born, Belgium-b...

    The current Belgian king, an ancestor of Leopold, was not in attendance at the museum’s opening. With the troubling debate over the UN pact raging in the background and Macron’s report on the table, his presence felt “premature,” says a spokesperson. “The debate about restitution is still ongoing, it hasn’t been decided. The climate is not quite right for a visit. The king does not get mixed up in ongoing debates,” a palace spokesman told Agence France-Presse. For his part, Gryseels says his own view is changing. “Five years ago, I was more moderate than I am today,” said the director during a heated question period with international press. He also points out that the major urgency is for the reintroduction of Belgium’s colonial past in the Congo into education. In Belgium, the controversial subject has been disappearing from many schools. “We are trying very hard to put it back on the curriculum in schools. Many Belgian young children do not know anymore about our involvement in C...

  2. Where 'Human Zoos' Once Stood, A Belgian Museum Now ... - NPR › 2018/09/26 › 649600217

    Sep 26, 2018 · The Royal Museum for Central Africa began as a temporary exhibition in 1897 in Tervuren, where Leopold had his country estate. The most talked-about part of the exhibition was the "human zoo" — a...

    • Joanna Kakissis
  3. Mozarthaus Augsburg - Birth House Museum of Leopold Mozart ... › 17 › Germany_Mozarthaus_Museum

    Leopold Mozart was from the middle-class, the son of a Burgher of the Fuggerei workers housing district, and a rather a self-made man in a time when position and family was the rule. A short bio from the museum. Johann Georg Leopold Mozart was born in this house on Frauenstrasse in Augsburg, now number 30.

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  5. May 13, 2021 · The museum does have a pair of eyeglasses once owned by Leopold, the eyeglasses that were found where Leopold and Loeb hid the body of Franks, the evidence that eventually implicated them.

  6. Leopold Landscape Alliance :: Home

    The Leopold Compound O ur thanks to all our generous donors who made the property purchases a reality, and to previous homeowners, Carl & Billie Hays and Mary Shier, for being supporters. Many individuals and foundations have insured that the 'Leopold Park' neighborhood where Aldo grew up will continue to tell the story of the Starker-Leopold ...

  7. World Museum, Vienna, Re-Opens: Renovated Premises For ... › news › 819153

    Nov 27, 2017 · away, is the Museums Quartier where Leopold Museum der Moderne Kunst, Kunsthalle and Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien are located. Many works of modern art are to be found here. There are also in Vienna other venerable art museums such as Albertina and Belvedere. Do they not form part of world culture?

  8. Renovating the AfricaMuseum - Africa Is a Country › renovating-the-africamuseum

    Apr 29, 2019 · The museum has one room where it addresses Belgium’s colonial past, the “Colonial history and independence room.” That it is one of the smaller rooms in the museum is a questionable choice, especially because the colonial present is ever-present in the museum, and because Belgian Afro-descendants have been reviving fierce debates about Belgium’s (colonial) past in Central Africa.

  9. The Chicago Crime Scenes Project: Nathan Leopold's Home › 2009 › 09

    Sep 26, 2009 · In general, I’m not much interested in serial murderers or “thrill” killers. But you can’t have a website about the history of crime in Chicago without some mention of Nathan Leopold, one half of the famous Leopold and Loeb duo, whose atrocious murder of 14-year old neighbor Robert Franks in 1924 captured the morbid fascination of newspaper readers throughout the world.

  10. Jun 16, 2014 · Made Famous, and That May Soon Close Its Doors. Sweny’s is where Leopold Bloom has some lotion made for his wife, Molly. In the “Lotus Eaters” chapter of Joyce’s Ulysses, Leopold Bloom ...

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