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  1. Aug 03, 2022 · “And everyone knows, where Santa lives,” Captain Bubba said, “is a secret, only United has clearance from Santa Claus” to land at the North Pole. The flight is real and so is the destination.

  2. Jul 16, 2022 · The Dallas mall’s iconic Santa is ready to retire to the North Pole after 32 years of bringing joy to families who celebrate the holiday season with a visit and a picture. It's a bittersweet...

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  3. Jul 30, 2022 · As Harlan York & Associates reports, the region known as the North Pole that Santa is famously known to occupy 364 days out of the year "lies in an area between Russia, Norway, Canada, the United States, and Denmark." However, Canada's Kenney was the first political entity to offer the rosy-cheeked reindeer-tamer a place to officially call home.

  4. Aug 06, 2022 · Jesus hung out in Israel, Santa lives at the North Pole. Jesus walked and occasionally rode an ass, Santa travels the world in his rad reindeer powered sleigh and hangs out at the mall. Best of all, Santa GIVES you toys and stuff while Jesus only gave his life and asks you to bear a cross to boot.

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  5. Aug 01, 2022 · Tracking Santa Around the Globe! As a public service, we're working with NORAD Tracks Santa to bring you live updates on Santa's Christmas Eve journey around the globe. Happy Christmas Radio on

  6. Jul 24, 2022 · They have taken off for South America, at a reindeer ranch Santa has there in Argentina. They will be working in Sector 4 on the first test flights this next week, you see. So there really are not a lot of reindeer at the North Pole right now.

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