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  1. Frankfurt Airport regional station | railcc

    Frankfurt Airport Regional Station is completely underground. S-Bahn lines S8 and S9. The S8 runs from Wiesbaden Hbf via Frankfurt Airport Regional station to the Hanauer central station. The S9 runs nearly the same route, but via Mainz-Kastel instead of Mainz main station.

  2. Rhine-Main S-Bahn - Wikipedia

    In Frankfurt, connections can be made, at either Hauptwache or its neighbouring station Konstablerwache, between the eight cross-city S-Bahn lines and eight of the city's nine U-Bahn lines, while the S-Bahn stations Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof and Frankfurt Süd between them have connection to six of the U-Bahn lines and any of the city's tram lines ...

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  4. Frankfurt Airport - Wikipedia

    Frankfurt Airport long-distance station (Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof) was opened in 1999. The station is squeezed in between the motorway A 3 and the four-lane Bundesstraße B43, linked to Terminal 1 by a connecting corridor for pedestrians that bridges the Autobahn.

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  5. S-Bahn - where to get tickets, where is the FRA station ...

    The station is named Regionalbahnhof (as opposed to Fernbahnhof where the long-distance trains depart) and is located underneath Terminal 1. You simply take the escalator down. Everything is well signposted.

  6. FRA: Frankfurt Airport - Terminal map, airport guide, lounges ...

    Frankfurt Airport to the city is via the railways station (Frankfurt Flughafen Regionalbahnhof) under Terminal 1, concourse B. Look for the "Regionalbahnhof" signs in Terminal 1 to get to the correct station.

  7. S-Bahn - where to get tickets, where is the FRA station ...

    Also, where in Terminal 1 is the station located, or do we take a shuttle to the station? Is the S-Bahn a trail or a bus - want to know what we should be looking for. Sorry for all the questions, our time is limited to just a day, so I want to avoid being lost and confused when we are there.

  8. Difference between Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof and ...

    You'll most likely arrive in an ICE at Fernbahnhof. Both train stations are located at Terminal 1. The regional train station is closer to the terminal, almost inside the terminal. The long distance train station requires a 7-8 minutes walk (maybe 300 meter, indoors, including escalators), depending on the amount of people.

  9. Frankfurt (Main) Hbf | A brief station guide

    Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof (usually abbreviated to Hbf = main station in German) is a impressive terminus at the centre of the busy city of Frankfurt, a beautiful station dating from 1888, although the halls either side of the main hall were added in 1924.

  10. Train from Frankfurt airport to Gelnhausen - Train Travel ...

    From: Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Regionalbahnhof To: Gelnhausen Bahnhof The S-Bahn trains go shortly before the Hauptbahnhof (central train station) underground as they continue their way from there underground through the city center.

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