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  1. The ventral tegmental area is in the midbrain between several other major areas, some of which are described here. The mammillary bodies and the posterior hypothalamus, both included in the diencephalon, extend rostrally from the VTA. The red nucleus is situated laterally and oculomotor fibers are situated ventromedially to the VTA.

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    The lateral tegmental field (LTF) or lateral tegmentum (more specifically the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus nerve and the solitary nucleus) is the source of several neural pathways in the brain's noradrenaline system. [citation needed] Other. Other pertinent areas of the tegmentum are: [citation needed] Ventral tegmental area (VTA)

  3. Apr 10, 2019 · “When you see an attractive person, the left ventral tegmental area of the brain becomes active and will pump out dopamine,” says Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist who studies ...

  4. Apr 15, 2022 · In a work of systematic biology that advances the field, researchers have identified 16 distinct cell populations in a complex area of the midbrain called the ventral tegmental area, or VTA. The ...

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