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  1. Apr 01, 2022 · When doing a photoshoot at home by yourself there are a couple of ways you can take photos of yourself. You can either use a bluetooth remote connected to your phone or camera, or you can set a timer on your phone or camera before running and getting into position. Personally I prefer always using a remote so I do not have to run back and forth.

  2. 8 Tips on Making a DIY Home Photography Studio Setup 1. Decide Your Home Photography Studio Layout 2. Optimise Your Workspace 3. Decorate For Everyone’s Comfort 4. Use Studio Lighting 5. Add Light Modifiers 6. Expand Your Studio Kit 7. DIY Backdrops 8. DIY Surfaces & Props Final Words What Equipment Do I Need for a Home Photography Studio?

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  4. Jun 15, 2021 · Plus, mirror pictures are probably the most straightforward DIY photoshoot idea that you can do at home. The trick is to find interesting or colorful elements and use them as the focus of the photo. Angle your mirror and camera correctly, and you'll have yourself a pretty picture. 3. Use Wallpapers as a Backdrop

    • Use Your Hallways. Hallways of your home can be convenient for framing your subjects. The walls along each side create a depth of field effect by forming tunnel vision or leading lines, making a more interesting composition and inside look to your home.
    • Capture Perched Pets. Every pet has their favorite spot or two in the home. For many, it just happens to be on the couch like their humans! Whether they're basking in the window light or positioning themselves to pounce, these poses are easy to capture and will remind you of their most characteristic moments.
    • Pose Against a Wall. We know — when the weather's nice, it's near impossible to stay indoors. Take advantage of a little sunshine outside and find an exterior wall, gate, or fence to serve as the backdrop of your photo.
    • Get All Wrapped Up. Blankets, towels, bedsheets — get all wrapped up for a playful pose, especially when photographing littles. This one's great for a post-bath-time photo op, or first thing in the morning when early light fills the bedroom.
    • Edit, Re-edit, and Retouch Your Old Images. I’m sure many photographers can relate to the following scenario: you go out on a shoot, take tons of photos, decide that, at max, a third of them are good, and you leave it at that.
    • Start a Blog. Blogs are a great tool for marketing yourself. It is one of the most successful marketing tools for generating sizeable organic traffic to a landing page.
    • Work on Your Website. Having a 9 to 5 job, or a job that demands a high-workload can mean you sacrifice working on personal projects because of a lack of time and energy.
    • Practice Macro Photography. While you cannot venture out and explore your city or the neighborhood, there are no restrictions on exploring your own home for photography ideas.
  5. May 11, 2020 · Make sure your equipment is 100 percent ready to go the day before. Set up the tripod, charge the battery, make sure your memory card has room, etc. Make sure your family knows your expectations so there are no surprises the day of. I always get my husbands buy-in first, then we get the boys on board.

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