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  1. Bishop, S. C. 1949. The Phalangida (Opiliones) of New York, with special reference to the species of the Edmund Niles Huyck Preserve, Rensselaerville, New York. Rochester Academy of Science. Proceedings 9: 159–235. Clingenpeel, L. W. and A. L. Edgar. 1966. Certain ecological aspects of Phalangium opilio (Arthropoda: Opiliones). Papers of the ...

  2. Phalangium: Species: opilio: ... Craryville, New York. Raleigh, North Carolina. Vancouver, Washington. Upload an image. ... Some consume dead animals. They produce ...

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    This species is rather similar and may be confused with the females of Phalangium opilio ... be found from the middle ... Guide. John Wiley & Sons, New York, : i-xx ...

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    This single specimen was found in ... Genus Phalangium Linnaeus 1758 Phalangium opilio Linnaeus, 1758. ... S. C. 1949. The Phalangida of New York. Proc. Rochester Acad.

  6. Phalangium from the Caucasus are presented. Eight species of the genus have been found in the region. Two new species: P. mcheidzeae. from Georgia and . P. gorbunovi. from Volgograd region, Kalmikiya and Krasnodar region are described, the other six species of the area are . P. opilio, P. punctipes, P. armatum, P. staregai, P. bakuense. and . P ...

  7. Aug 17, 2021 · There's over 6,500 species of daddy longlegs and a new experiement mapped out the entire genome of the Phalangium opilio species. The researchers then worked out a way to turn off the long leg gene in developing embryos.

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