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  1. It was a Saturday evening, September 21, 1957, and among the millions of viewers whose sets were tuned to CBS at 7:30 P.M. Eastern time was a bookish 14-year-old, just beginning his second year of high school, who had discovered and gotten hooked on Erle Stanley Gardner’s Mason novels several months earlier.

  2. Mystery Diagnosis is a television docudrama series that aired on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. in three months, gets skins tags, horrible acne, and stops menstruating. A young girl is diagnosed with an extremely rare disease called Trigeminal Neuralgia that causes shock-like pain in the face.

  3. As a fan of spy and noir fiction, I was hooked. The series itself was short lived with six hours filmed (two hour TV Movie and four hour long episodes). NBC cancelled it and took it off the air after its second week leaving three of the hour-long episodes unaired. I have found a copy of all six hours in the Collector’s market at

  4. The series will be filmed in Beswick (Wugularr), with Grant Brown, Deb Brown and Ismail Khan on board as directors.

  5. Additional filming for the first season took place in the Republic of North Macedonia, standing in for Chechnya, and the Dominican Republic, masquerading as Haiti. [51] [2] During the second season, production filmed for roughly 10 days in Budapest. [52] [53] Filming in Prague took place for about three weeks for the third season. [54]

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  6. The series will be filmed on location following Covid-Safe protocols, to be executive produced by Chris Culvenor, Paul Franklin, Rikkie Proost and John Karabelas. The series was developed by Kentel and will be co-produced by EPs Benjamin Scott and James Kennedy.

  7. Equally short-lived in 1961 was this anthology series, which drew on talents like Robert Duvall. 1.01 Lady Killer (14 th April 1973) 1.02 Possession (24 th April 1973) 1.03 Someone At The Top Of The Stairs (28 th April 1973) 1.04 An Echo Of . . Suspense and Horror Movies from the 1970s! 7.