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    What is the difference between public policing and private security?

    What is the relationship between law enforcement and Public Safety?

    What is the role of private security officers?

    What is a public police?

  2. Jan 20, 2020 · Law enforcement officers typically work in what’s known as the “criminal realm.” They’re more likely to deal with crime than civil matters. Private security, on the other hand, typically deals with civil matters, such as property owner rights, lease agreements, etc. Law enforcement officers have to be strict and sensitive to any legal ramifications their actions might entail.

  3. Jul 21, 2014 · The differences between public policing and private security: The public police are a government service provided at local, county, state, or federal levels. Public police follow strict requirements, training, and certification. Politics, government establishments, and laws also control them. Their main concern is the welfare and safety of the public. Private security is a service provided by private companies. Quality private security companies, like Inter State Security, will have strict ...

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    In theory, both security measures are important cogs in the safety of society. Understanding the main differences between the two will help to differentiate the various roles that they play.

    There are small nuances that differ between the two forms of security, pivoting mostly on authority, sensitivity to legal ramifications, and the scope of protection.

    Overall, public police and private security are both called to observe, report, and deter crime in their own capacity. Private security has more authority on private property and, in many ways, are more incentivized to perform well for their client. As neither their job nor their salary is guaranteed or fixed. Police, on the other hand, are more restricted by the government. However, they are known to be better trained than private security in many instances. When hiring professional and experienced security from an established organization, such as Inter State Security, then you can be assured that training has been executed at the highest level. Inter State Security provides qualified, licensed, and highly trained private security in South Florida. Call (954) 753-4700 for Broward, (561) 732-1380 for Palm Beach, and (305) 949-1142 for Miami-Dade to find out more.

  4. Although the roles of both entities are very similar, it is very important to recognize that the limited authority that private security officers have. Public law enforcement officers have official police powers to make an arrest of anyone who is violating the law. The primary role of private security officers is to, "observe and report".

  5. “Individuals and privately funded organizations and businesses undertake measures to provide protection for the perceived security needs that involve their private interests, not in the public domain. Private security is an option exercised to provide an additional or increased level of protection than that afforded by public law enforcement, which must respond to the larger concerns of the public.” 22

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