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  1. Which BMG Music Club Is Best For Me? If you love music, then you know it is easy to spend several hours shopping for CDs at your local music store. However, unless you are swimming in cash, you probably spend the majority of that time trying to narrow down your choices to one or two because that is all you can afford at the moment.

  2. BMG Music Pricing Review. As far as BMG is concerned, here's how the pricing is broken down: - Shipping cost for 1st cd is $2.69, 2nd is $2.59, and each additional is $2.49. - Total shipping for 12 cds $30.18. - The price of the 1 cd you must buy will be at least $14.98 at the regular club price.

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  4. BMG Acquires Tina Turner's Music Interests BMG is proud to announce it has acquired an extensive portfolio of rights in the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, one of the greatest and best-loved artists in popular music history, Tina Turner.

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    A global repertoire of libraries. With an extensive reach across all genres of production music, this arsenal includes epic orchestral score, premium sound design, modern and vintage underscore, and even songs from internationally touring indie artists. BMG Production Music (BMGPM) also houses a custom division, available to perfectly score ...

  6. BMG Music Club Closed After major changes in the music industry, such as digital music streaming and Apple iTunes, the BMG Music CD Club has closed. Fortunately, we still offer many ways to get cheap music, whether in MP3/digital format, as an audio CD, or as a discount subscription to a music streaming service.

  7. Jan 13, 2009 · Saw this on local blog Old Skool Review: It's the end of an era, because the infamous mail-order company BMG Music Club apparently is no longer adding new members.Blogger Dan includes a screencap ...

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