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  1. Every good superhero needs an origin story, the backstory that explains why the character became a superhero or how the superhero gained superpowers. The class spent the whole first week coming up with their stories. To make sure the children had well-rounded alter egos, the class focused on superhero names, costumes, and superpowers.

  2. Jul 30, 2021 · We've done the heavy digging to find the 40 best books for kids in 2021 (ages 0 to 11 years). Whether you are looking for the ultimate picture book or the most popular story for preschoolers to late elementary, we've got you covered!

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  4. Marvelous Me: Alex is a super-special superhero named Marvelous Me! He can do super cool things, like reading comic books and counting the cookies in the jar. He loves himself and is proud to be uniquely him! I Like Myself!: This book has the same illustrator as Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon, which kids will love!

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    With supervillains on the rise and an all-powerful superhero going into retirement, a new generation of superheroes must fast-track their training. Sent to the remote and relatively safe Nabu Island, these rookie superheroes find themselves doing menial tasks like fixing tractors, finding lost children and carrying old ladies with back problems. Evil villain Nine (voice of Yoshio Inoue) has been hunting the Quirk, a superpower that will allow him to regenerate again and again and give him unstoppable power. He heads to Nabu Island to steal the Quirk from young Katsuma (voice of Yuka Terasaki). The small band of would-be superheros must fight off a league of supervillains who are determined to destroy the island, take over the world and become unstoppable.

    Jealousy; power struggles; children separated from parents and fending for themselves; violence as a means of solving conflict; the need to prove self-worth

    My Hero Academia: Heroes Risinghas frequent violence. For example: 1. There are high-speed car chases in which cars and individuals are shot at, cars smash and explode, drive through fire and plummet off cliffs. 2. Numerous fight scenes involve hitting, punching, kicking, screaming, strangling, squeezing heads and brains, stabbing and shooting. 3. Lightning storms suddenly descend over cities, blasting electrical currents to earth and setting buildings on fire. 4. Katsumo’s father is left unconscious on the ground after Nine tries and fails to steal the Quirk. 5. One villain controls an army of mummified creatures, which attack the young heroes. One hero is captured and temporarily turned into a mummy. Another is nearly crushed by large boulders being thrown his way. 6. One villain shoots flames from his mouth; one has long hair that can turn into blades; and another has laser beams that cut and slice. 7. The heroes must contend with flying rocks, catapults, cannons, forcefields, fi...

  5. Jun 07, 2018 · Based on the shockingly educational show from the 1970s, "The Electric Company" is a new and updated PBS series by Sesame Workshop. The Electric Company is targeted toward kids ages 6 to 9 years old and focuses on helping kids learn literacy skills. On the show, the Electric Company is a group of kids who have literacy super-powers.

  6. 15. The book stresses that at least some of the materials in the classroom should be open-ended. Which of the following is the best example of an open-ended material? A. A computer matching game B. A puzzle of a person C. A jar of different sizes and colors of pom-poms D. A game where you roll a die and count that many squares 16.