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  1. Apr 29, 2022 · 15 follow-up email templates. Here are some examples of various templates that are appropriate and effective for specific business scenarios, such as: After a meeting. After meeting a recruiter. After applying for a job. After a phone interview. After an in-person interview. After a second interview. After a trigger event.

    • Lead Magnet Promotion Email. A lead magnet promotion email is a good start when asking for business if you want to get people interested in what you have to offer.
    • Product Launch Email. If your business is launching a new product this is the perfect time to reach out to prospective customers who might be using a competitor or would benefit the most from your new product.
    • Influencer Outreach Email. Working with influencers for business is a normalized marketing strategy, after all, brands across every industry like Gymshark, Ahref, and Fenty have grown their business with the help of influencers.
    • Pitching Your Brand for an Event or Partnership. Acquiring a business doesn’t always have to be a straightforward task, in fact, long-term partnerships in business can help you find new business.
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  3. May 05, 2022 · 10 Best Free Business Email Accounts 1. Gmail 2. Zoho Mail 3. GMX Mail 4. 5. Yahoo! Mail 6. ProtonMail 7. AOL Mail 8. Guerrilla Mail 9. 10. Mailfence Use Clean Email to Manage Your Free Business Email Account Conclusion 10 Best Free Business Email Accounts

    • Welcoming New Customers. A new customer welcome email sets the tone for the customer relationship. And that matters more than you might think since a whopping 90% of Americans consider customer service levels when choosing a company to buy from.
    • Notifying a Customer That Their Order Is Out of Stock. Customers don’t like hearing that their order is out of stock, but they always appreciate clear and proactive communication about it.
    • Requesting Customer Feedback. Customer feedback is a powerful data collection tool for your business, helping you shape the future direction of your products or services and improve your email open rates.
    • Thanking Customers for Their Feedback. Customers who take the time to send in feedback are generating value for you. A quick thank-you is a major retention tool and helps you foster stronger customer relationships over time.
    • If You Want to Make a Sales Introduction. If the prospect hasn't heard of you before, give them a reason to talk to you. Mentioning their goals and showing you did your homework is often enough to pique a buyer's interest.
    • If They Visited Your Site. Based on the prospect's browsing behavior, you know they're at least interested in your solution. If you want to capitalize on that interest, position yourself as a trusted advisor who can walk them through the decision-making process and answer questions as they arise.
    • If You're a Stranger to Them. The first touch email is the most important one you'll send. Like the first template in this list, this email will give your prospect an overview of your company while showing off your knowledge of their organization.
    • If You Just Called Them. Use the following quick email to reinforce the voicemail you just left. Voicemails are all too easily deleted or forgotten, so following up is critical to ensure you get a response.
  4. Apr 26, 2022 · Bluehost: Great for new businesses wanting to bundle business email with web hosting and a free domain and SSL certificate. Zoho Mail: Best basic free email services for small businesses on a budget. Amazon WorkMail: Top professional email provider for businesses in niche industries.

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