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    • The FARA 83 Assault Rifle. The FARA 83 is another new addition in Warzone Season 2, and its biggest strengths are its impressive rate of fire, high damage profile, and incredibly precise accuracy.
    • The LC10 SMG. The LC10 is one of the latest additions in Warzone Season 2 and is the seventh SMG to join this game. If you’ve managed to unlock it then you can cause some serious problems for your opponents in the midst of combat.
    • The FFAR Assault Rifle. Our FFAR loadout will make the weapon into an absolute powerhouse in close to medium-range combat. We recommend that you equip the following attachments
    • The M16 Burst Rifle. This powerful Burst Rifle is capable of dishing out a great deal of pain to multiple enemies. It’s incredibly useful during medium-range encounters, and the headshots are absolutely devastating.
  1. Feb 26, 2021 · The players have recently been asking about the Warzone season 2 bunker locations and Warzone season 2 bunker codes. This is all because the makers have been adding a lot of new additions to keep their players engrossed. So we have managed to list all the information we had about Warzone season 2 bunker locations and Warzone season 2 bunker codes.

  2. So, choosing the best loadout is predominant to compete against all the other players on the server. After the Season 2 update, the Warzone Meta has shifted drastically. The Meta isn’t consistent because of the frequent release of new weapons, buffs, and nerfs.

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  4. Mar 09, 2021 · While Warzone Season 2 rages on with the addition of the new LC10 SMG and FARA 83 Assault Rifle, players have been looking for some weapons to fit into the ever-expanding meta. If you’re looking for a versatile SMG with range and solid damage, look no further than Modern Warfare’s MP7. This has been a popular choice in Warzone since its conception, so we thought we’d share our favorite loadout with you to use.

    • CW AK-47 AND LC10 WARZONE LOADOUT DROP. The Cold War AK-47 is without a doubt the best assault rifle in Warzone. Yes, this weapon does have some recoil when firing from a distance, but its fast time to kill speed more than makes up for this.
    • C58 AND MAC-10 WARZONE LOADOUT DROP. The C58 was introduced in Warzone Season 4 and it has quickly become the go-to assault rifle due to its simplicity.
    • STONER AND TEC-9 WARZONE LOADOUT DROP. If you hate reloading your weapon, the Stoner LMG is the perfect gun for you. Sporting large magazines which stock 120 bullets per clip, the Stoner gives you more than enough firepower to crush entire squads.
    • QBZ-83 AND PPSH-41 WARZONE LOADOUT DROP. Players looking for an alternative option to the recently nerfed Krig 6 may find a lifeline in the QBZ-83. The QBZ rivals the Krig 6 in terms of its accuracy and lack of recoil, making it an obvious choice for players who want the closest thing to a laser beam in Warzone.
  5. Oct 07, 2021 · Back in Season 3, Warzone had numerous bunkers appear with the 1980s theme for the map. Unfortunately these bunkers have remain sealed but the developers have teased that they will open in the future. The Warzone Season 6 WW2 bunker locations provide great starting gear but don’t expect to drop in and receive a ton of cash.

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