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    • What kind of art is in the National Gallery of Canada?

      • The collection of Canadian Art at the National Gallery of Canada comprises a broad range of work representing artistic practices that date from the early 18th century in New France through to the early 1990s. A significant collecting area in pre-confederation art is the Henry Birks Collection of Canadian Silver, donated in 1979.
    • Joyce Wieland, Cooling Room II (1964) Born in Toronto, Joyce Wieland (1930–1998) was an experimental filmmaker and mixed media artist. In 1971, her exhibition called True Patriot Love was the first solo exhibition by a living female Canadian artist shown at the National Gallery of Canada.
    • Annie Pootoogook, Cape Dorset Freezer (2005) Annie Pootoogook (1969–2016) was a Canadian Inuk artist known for her ink-and-crayon depictions of life in Cape Dorset, Nunavut.
    • Emily Carr, Seascape (1933) Often remembered in terms of her connection to the infamous Group of Seven, the work of Emily Carr (1871–1945) has become iconic to the Canadian artistic imagination.
    • Tom Thomson, The Jack Pine (1917) Another prominent Canadian artist who is connected with the Group of Seven and considered to have had a strong influence on them, Tom Thomson (1877–1917) is famous for his paintings of Ontario’s landscapes.
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  3. A significant representation of works by Cornelius Krieghoff includes three small-scale landscapes of incomparable quality and physical condition ( The Passing Storm, Saint-Ferréol, 1854; The Saint Anne Falls, 1855; and The Saint Anne Falls near Quebec from Above and Looking Upward, 1854), as well as the artist’s only known self-portrait. The National Gallery of Canada’s collection has grown with contributions from Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, which was founded in 1880.

  4. 1880. Sunrise on the Saguenay (1880), by the first President of the Royal Canadian Academy, Lucius O'Brien (1832-1899), is among the works in the new national collection. 1882.

  5. The garden was designed by Cornelia Oberlander, who modelled it the painting Terre Sauvage by A. Y. Jackson; a painting in the National Gallery's permanent collection. The garden attempts to mimic the landscape depicted in the painting, the Canadian shield ; although limestone is substituted in place of the granite typically found at the Canadian shield.

  6. Feb 16, 2020 · The London National Gallery is a rather conservative museum. It seems that the “newest” painting in the collection is post-Impressionist paintings by Cezanne and Van Gogh. The famous sunflowers of the latter can be seen here. Talking about the masterpieces of a gallery as London’s is very difficult.