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    What is the most powerful Lantern Corps?

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    Who is the most powerful Green Lantern?

    Which Lantern Corps would Goku be in?

  2. Jul 12, 2018 · Lantern Corps are for DC Comics only, but what if they were part of the Marvel Comics Universe? In DC Comics, the Lantern Corps are looked at as the most powerful beings in the...

    • 10 Legion. Legion presents an interesting conundrum for anyone trying to draft the Marvel Universe into aspects of the Emotional Spectrum. The son of Professor X, David Haller is one of the most powerful mutants in existence, possessing hundreds of different powers.
    • 10 Thanos. No one would make a better Black Lantern than Thano s. Black is the absence of color and emotion, so technically it doesn't rest on the Emotional Spectrum.
    • 10 Captain Marvel. The White light is made of all other colors in the spectrum, offering those that wear its ring incredible power derived from life itself.
    • 10 Spider-Man. Generally speaking, the power of the Violet light has only been held by women, specifically the Star Sapphires, but Spider-Man is still a strong contender to join their ranks.
  3. Jul 22, 2022 · The Green Lantern Corps only recruits the most capable beings in the universe. Those who possess great willpower and the ability to overcome fear are prime candidates for the Corps. Iron wills are the organization's most necessary trait of its members because that's the only way to unlock the powers of a Green Lantern's Power Ring.

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    • 10 Ganthet Has Wielded The Power Of A Green Lantern Before. Ganthet has always been one of the most reliable members of the Guardians. He's a character who's shown a willingness to get his hands dirty when necessary, though he knows the Guardians have no business meddling in the affairs of others.
    • 10 John Stewart Has Been A Guardian Of The Universe Before. One of the most courageous members of the Green Lanterns, John Stewart, unfortunately, isn't even using a Green Lantern ring these days.
    • 10 Sodam Yat Has Powers Like A Kryptonian And The Power Of Ion. Sodam Yat is one of the Green Lantern Corps' big guns, someone who tends to appear only during the most dangerous missions.
    • 10 Kyle Rayner Wielded The Ion Powers Twice. When Hal Jordan wielded the power of all the Green Lanterns, it was while being possessed by the Parallax entity.
  4. There are a lot of powerful cosmic forces out there in the DC Universe, from Darkseid and the New Gods to the mysterious forces that leak out from the Source...

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