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    In 1994, Whitman's teamed up with Peanuts characters to introduce its Peanuts-themed Whitman's products. Whitman's Sampler. The Whitman's Sampler was introduced in 1912, and became popular over time. During World War II, servicemen and women who got a Whitman's Sampler from family and friends spread the word about it once they returned home. Over the decades, it reached a level in American pop culture in that it was mentioned in many TV shows, movies, and the like.

  2. Dozens of investors have filed lawsuits seeking redress from the rating agencies, contending that the companies bear responsibility for investors’ losses, under a Whitman’s sampler of theories. Synonyms . assortment, collection, diversity, melange, miscellany, smorgasbord; See also Thesaurus:hodgepodge; Anagrams . Whitman samplers

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  4. Open view of a Whitman's sampler box.jpg 1,600 × 1,200; 730 KB Poster Whitman's Chocolates, Philadelphia.jpg 457 × 653; 211 KB Remember the day Easter 1944 - Whitman's Chocolates.

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  6. Mar 04, 2022 · He grabbed two boxes of Whitman’s Samplers. PERFECT!! In case you don’t remember, the regular-sized (not giant) box of Whitman’s had 3 rows of 5 candies each, along with two layers of those in the box. That was 15 candies per layer, meaning 30 per box. Of course, the awesome guide on the lid of the box saved you from biting into a candy ...

  7. Nov 21, 2019 · The Walt Whitman Sampler Mixtape Series is a 10-part poetic and musical collaboration between local vocalists, musicians, and poets working together to celebrate the life and work of the 19th-century American poet, Walt Whitman. This mixtape series, which is available to the public as a free download, acknowledges his influential contribution to modern American expression and his challenge to our democracy.

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