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    • Why was Henry Tilney important to Jane Austen?

      • Here, Tilney stands against a pervasive bias that still exists today– because something, be it a novel, film, or television show, is defined as being created for the interest of women, it must be somehow lesser. Tilney is a romantic hero and Catherine’s ideal match largely because he does not dismiss or belittle the interests and pursuits of women.
  1. [Catherine Morland:] "But they are such very different things! --" [Henry Tilney:] "-- That you think they cannot be compared together." [Catherine Morland:] "To be sure not. People that marry can never part, but must go and keep house together. People that dance only stand opposite each other in a long room for half an hour." [Henry Tilney:]

  2. Mar 30, 2015 · Henry Tilney: Your imagination may be overactive, but your instinct was true. Our mother did suffer grievously and at the hands of our father. Do you remember I spoke of a kind of vampirism? Catherine Morland: Yes. Henry Tilney: Perhaps it was stupid to express it so, but we did watch him drain the life out of her with his coldness and his cruelty.

    • Regina Jeffers
  3. Catherine Morland : [voiceover] The Voice of Jane Austen : To begin perfect happiness at the respective ages of 26 and 18 is to do pretty well. Catherine and Henry were married, and in due course the joys of wedding gave way to the blessing of a christening.

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    Henry Tilney is the leading man in Jane Austen's 1817 novel Northanger Abbey. The younger son of a local landowner, Tilney is comfortably placed as a beneficed clergyman on his father's estate. The younger son of a local landowner, Tilney is comfortably placed as a beneficed clergyman on his father's estate.

    • General Tilney
    • Clergyman
    • Male
    • Miss Eleanor Tilney; Captain Frederick Tilney
  6. Left column, from top: Katharine Schlesinger (Catherine Morland) and Peter Firth (Henry Tilney) in the 1987 version; Bentley Mitchum (Ricky Chambers) and Ashley Judd (Ruby Lee Gissing) in Ruby in Paradise; Felicity Jones (Catherine Morland) and Hugh O’Conor (James Morland) in the 2007 adaptation; Catherine Walker (Eleanor Tilney) and JJ Feild (Henry Tilney) in the 2007 version; Amy Acker ...

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