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  1. Mar 30, 2015 · Catherine Morland, unlike Gothic heroines, is a plain girl from a middle class family. Catherine falls in love with the hero, Henry Tilney, before he has a serious thought of her, and exposing the heroine’s romantic fears and curiosities as groundless.

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  2. In creating Catherine, the heroine of Northanger Abbey, Austen creates the heroine of a Gothic novel. Both Austen and Catherine portray Catherine's life in heroic terms—Austen humorously, and Catherine seriously, especially when she suspects General Tilney of murdering his wife. Because Austen couches her portrayal of Catherine in irony, Catherine is realistically portrayed as deficient in experience and perception, unlike the heroines of Gothic and romance novels.

  3. Henry Tilney shows he can enjoy a good gothic novel, or any novel, without ever mistaking it for reality, whereas Catherine shows that she is somewhat confused with this distinction. Jane Austen will amplify this aspect of Catherine when she is invited to stay at Northanger Abbey, the Tilney family’s home.

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  5. See also Henry Tilney's declaration of the gusto with which he reads such novels (during the walk to Beechen Cliff), and the silly cover of a printing of Northanger Abbey which was marketed as a gothic novel (USA, 1965). Chapter 20 (Chapter V of Volume II): Catherine Morland: " must be so fond of the abbey!

  6. Henry is often amused by Catherine's naïve nature, and playfully guides her to a better understanding, as can be seen during their walk around Beechen Cliff and on the ride to Northanger Abbey. But his behavior, especially when compared to that of the boorish John Thorpe, is always gentle and caring. He adores his sister, Eleanor, and loves ...

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    Henry Tilney is the leading man in Jane Austen's 1817 novel Northanger Abbey. The younger son of a local landowner, Tilney is comfortably placed as a beneficed clergyman on his father's estate. The younger son of a local landowner, Tilney is comfortably placed as a beneficed clergyman on his father's estate.

    • General Tilney
    • Clergyman
    • Male
    • Miss Eleanor Tilney; Captain Frederick Tilney
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